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Staff Spotlight: Jobe Oakley

As you may know by now, every so often we like to spotlight our staff members on the blog. They do awesome work and they deserve an online shout-out, at the very least! You’ve already met Lief, Don, Lindsay, Sammie, and Squeegee the shop dog. Now it’s time to meet Jobe Oakley, the “protege turned pro” at the NWSP shop!

Jobe Oakley is the son of NWSP owner, Will Oakley. He began working at NWSP just days after turning 18. But he didn’t just get the job thanks to good connections! Jobe brought a solid skillset to the table. Having been surrounded by the industry since childhood, he witnessed firsthand the work involved and it really fostered a lively excitement in him.

Today, he’s a natural fit around the office. His role includes helping with vehicle wraps, writing up quotes and estimates, installing signage, and documenting the office shenanigans on social media.

“Usually I can be found walking around with a camera capturing our latest projects. I helped start our Youtube Channel and with the Inked Wraps Debut on Instagram.”

-Jobe Oakley, NWSP

Jobe is always seeking to improve his skill set. He just wrapped up an Avery-Dennison Certification Class to become certified in various vinyl applications. He sees himself growing within the industry itself.

“This industry provides so much opportunity in various fields. For instance, signage could require everything from a welder if you're working with metal to an electrician if you're lighting them up. I see a lot of avenues for growth within the industry.”

-Jobe Oakley

When he’s not wrapping vehicles or filming the process, Jobe likes working on his car in his free time. He enjoys the local car scene, and has made valuable connections with several local mechanics and body shops through NWSP/Inked. His most recent project included upgrading his Ford Focus RS to 350 wheel horsepower.

“The best thing about working at NWSP is 110% the environment! It’s so positive and I’ve never had another job like it. We’re productive, but we have fun!”

-Jobe Oakley

Want to see what all the fun is about? Contact our team or visit our shop today! We’re located at 10125 N. Division Street #behindzips.


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