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Meet Squeegee - the NWSP Shop Dog

The Bears, the Bulls, the Braves…..every great team has a great mascot. At Northwest Solar Protection, it’s no different! If you stroll into our office on any given weekday, you might be greeted with a slobbery kiss - and no, not from the staff!! From the office mascot - Squeegee the shop dog!

Squeegee is a Boston terrier who can’t hear a thing you’re saying. That’s because she’s deaf! But this hearing impairment doesn’t detract from her intelligence. In fact, the NWSP team frequently consults Squeegee on several design jobs. Like this mobile pet spa trailer that we wrapped with their logo and contact information. Squeegee particularly loved the addition of the paw prints!

Your vehicles and trailers are mobile billboards. If you’re not advertising on your rig, you’re missing out on valuable marketing that takes no extra work! We (including Squeegee!) can help with getting your business out there for all to see!

Squeegee’s expertise was once again utilized on these floor and wall decals that we made for The Yuppy Puppy, a local pet grooming and boarding shop in Spokane. We took this company’s logo and colors to create vinyl decals that adhere directly to the walls and floors of their shop. Decals like these always step up your branding game - with vibrant colors and sharp designs, there’s no better way to showcase your brand than to slap it on the walls of your office! (Squeegee agrees!)

But Squeegee does more than offer advice on designs for our four-legged friends! He really provides the love and companionship that man’s best friend is known for. Did you know that 88% of employees say that having pets at work improves their sense of well-being? A happy workplace makes for happy employees. And happy employees keep their customers happy! That’s what NWSP is known for. Just ask our lead tinter, Lieff! He loves it here! (Everyone does!)

The NWSP work environment is fun, positive, energetic, and creative! Everyone on the team does their part and prioritizes customer satisfaction. Is Squeegee the one to thank for this? You’ll have to come visit the shop to see for yourself!

NWSP is located on N. Division behind Zips. Come check us out!


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