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residential window

Northwest Solar Protection offers residential window tinting that protects you, your loved ones and your home’s interior from the damaging effects of the sun. Plus, it provides a level of safety and security for your home that only the best window tint films can offer.

Why use us?

  • Reliable, on time and at your residence when we say we will be there.

  • Reputable, with more than 14 years in business.

  • A guaranteed service, with products backed by a global company.

Energy Savings

In a study conducted by energy consulting firm ConSol, window films are found to be eight times more cost effective than reducing the air filtration of homes. These window films are three times more cost effective than replacing the air conditioner.

Tinted window film can reduce your energy consumption by simply reducing solar heat gain and cutting cooling costs by as much as 30%. At the same time, residential window tinting allows natural light in your home without the negative impact of potentially dangerous UV rays and harsh glares.

Safety & security

While away, have piece of mind that your home is protected from unwanted intruders with Northwest Solar Protection’s specialty residential window tinting film by Suntek.

When professionally installed, specialty residential window films may deter or slow an unwanted intruder from entering your home. The window film holds glass together, which makes it much more difficult for a perpetrator to break and gain entry to your residence.

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