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Solar control

According to the EPA’s Energy Star U.S. Building Manual, approximately 1/3 of a building's utility bill is caused by heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Enter NWSP's commercial-grade social control film for windows.

For businesses and homeowners alike, keeping your space cool or warm is a year-round problem. It’s a challenge to keep a home comfortable. For some, keeping a constant temperature is more than a matter of comfort, it's a priority due to the vulnerability of seniors and young children. In an average building, the most significant source of energy loss is the windows.

Since keeping blinds or shades down all day long isn’t a viable option, many have turned to Solar Control Tint from NWSP for professional prompt installation. Solar window film is an aesthetically attractive option, and it can significantly improve your comfort and decrease costs.


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Application Areas

  • Store Fronts

  • Restaurants

  • Small Buildings

  • Mid-Size Buildings

  • Corporate Buildings

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