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At Northwest Solar Protection, we do much more than design, tint, and wrap all day - we always make time for a little fun in between! In fact, that’s one of the reasons our top tinter, Lief Vickers, has been with us since the beginning.

“We have the best work environment at NWSP. We all work hard, do our thing, and have a good time while we’re at it!”

Lief Vickers, Senior Tinter at NWSP

Having fun is easy when you truly enjoy what you do. That’s the goal that brought Lief to the world of tinting over 30 years ago. A Spokane native, Lief had worked in construction, lawn care, and professional house painting for years. Being a relatively creative person, he felt that he wasn’t quite working to his maximum potential; he wanted more out of his work. So when the owner of the painting company for which he worked bought an auto shop, Lief took the opportunity to train with him and made a career change. At this local tint shop, Lief fine-tuned his tinting skills to help customers enjoy the benefits of auto tinting - privacy, heat protection, and cosmetic appeal.

When that shop closed, Lief went to work for NWSP, having known the owner in the past. Since working with NWSP, Lief has continued to perfect his tinting skills, making him widely recognized as the best in the region! With over 30 years of experience, Lief knows what it takes to do the job right.

“A clean work environment and proper prep to the surface makes all the difference when it comes to tinting. Handling the film carefully so that it doesn’t touch anything else on the car is also super important. I am always careful to avoid any contamination of the tint product itself.”

Lief Vickers, Senior Tinter at NWSP

One of the things Lief likes best about his job at NWSP is the fact that the owner, Will Oakley, is always seeking to learn about the latest tools and products in the world of wraps and tints. This keeps the staff current and knowledgeable, while always offering the best to his customers. Lief really values this approach because it allows him to be creative and make customers happy!

“Tinting is really an art. A good tinter has that creative ability and meticulous attention to detail. You have to be careful and patient.”

Lief Vickers, Senior Tinter at NWSP

Care, patience, and artistry are common strengths of any team member at NWSP. They offer talent and service that you won’t find anywhere else. Get a free tinting quote, or come visit the shop and meet Lief for yourself! We’re located #behindzips at 10125 N Division Street in Spokane.


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