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Anyone who knows the NWSP team knows they are an awesome crew with an awesome culture! You’ve already met Lief, Don, and Squeegee the shop dog. Now it's time to meet Lindsay.

Lindsay McCart is originally from the small town of Quincy, Washington. With a knack for creativity and an interest in graphic design, she found herself at Eastern Washington University studying the art of Visual Communication Design. She fell in love with the Spokane area and decided to stick around for an internship at an e-commerce company. Lindsay developed her talents doing web and printable design there.

In 2012, she switched gears to work for an apparel and signage company, who would ironically reach out to Will and Sammie whenever a job was out of their scope of abilities. It was a great working relationship where Lindsay, Will, and Sammie’s friendship grew.

Fast forward to June of 2020, and Lindsay was seeking more out of her career. She was ready for a change, and have kept in touch with Sammie, found out that Will and her were hiring. Of course, she jumped at the opportunity, and she’s been part of the team ever since.

At NWSP & Inked, Lindsay wears many hats. She oversees production, orders materials, creates designs, and helps wherever she’s needed.

“I’ve never worked somewhere like this before. The entire team at NWSP helps, supports, and inspires each person’s unique style. I love coming into work each day!”

-Lindsay McCart, Creative Director, NWSP

Whether it’s a boat, a truck, or a wall wrap - Lindsay loves being able to use her creative talents in an environment of fun and focus. The common denominator among all of the team members is the fact that they know how to have fun but they “get stuff done!”

When Lindsay’s not at work, she can be found relaxing with her husband and two German Shepherds out in nature or over a good video game session! Come visit our shop and say hi to Lindsay and the team in person! We’re located #behindzips at 10125 N Division Street in Spokane.


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