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Staff Spotlight - Meet Sammie Fall

By now, it should be clear that the Inked/NWSP team is made up of some awesome and talented people. You’ve already met Lief, Don, Lindsay, and Squeegee the shop dog. Now it’s time to meet our General Manager, Sammie Fall- who also is a graphic designer by trade.

Sammie Fall met NWSP owner Will Oakley in 2015 when they worked together at another sign company. She and Will spent many hours working together on various graphic design projects for businesses and artists in and around the Spokane area. When Will went out on his own with NWSP in 2017, he knew he would need a talented designer to help him deliver quality designs for wall and vehicle wraps.

Enter Sammie Fall. She joined the team in late 2017 and has been an integral part of the team ever since! Starting as the head designer and then working her way up to General Manager in 2019.

Sammie Fall knew she wanted to be a designer when she was in high school. She was the design editor of her school paper and fell in love with the position. Her experience there affirmed her belief that a degree isn’t as strong as a portfolio that proves your talent! She has since worked on countless designs for clients at Inked Wraps. Among her favorites are

custom vehicle wraps and wall wraps.

“Transforming surfaces from boring to creative and watching the changes makes every job worth it!”

It’s easier to be awesome at your job when you truly enjoy what you do. Sammie credits her incredible work environment for her individual success.

“My favorite thing about working here is the environment and the people. We try to create a really family like culture that helps each individual person be successful while simultaneously helping the business to be successful as well. Successful people make a successful business. Plus having fun is always important as well!”

If you have the opportunity to meet and work with Sammie, you’re guaranteed to witness a creative process in action. From logo design and trade show banners to car, truck, and boat wraps, Sammie enjoys being able to work without limitations when it comes to creativity. She leads with creativity and compassion in mind and loves every second of it. "I may not be the easiest boss, but I'm always fair, and I love my team." One particularly special project she is working on right now is her own Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. She and Will collaborated on a graphic design that incorporated all her favorite things tattooed on the side and fading into chrome. Check back soon to see what they came up with for her SRT!

However, this wasn’t the first time Sammie designed a wrap for her own car! Her first car, a Chevrolet Sonic, was a tiny little race car that she and Will worked together to make a sparkling rainbow galaxy! Similar to her Jeep, all the things she loves were hidden in the design all over it! There’s a funny story behind this wrap:

On her first date with her now husband, Sammie felt unsure that he was worth a second date! Towards the end of the evening, he walked her to her car, at which point he called out many of the hidden graphics in her vehicle wrap. It turned out he knew a lot of her favorite things, and they had more in common than she thought! Her Inked Vehicle Wrap is quite literally the reason she gave her husband a second chance on their first date and the rest is history!

Perhaps you, too, need a happily ever after moment?! Contact NWSP/Inked Wraps and meet Sammie for yourself! She’ll be happy to lead you to someone on her team for a custom design for your wall, boat, fleet, or vehicle! Who knows...maybe it will change your life, too!

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