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Why Office Window Tinting Makes Sense

Adding a solar-control tinted window film to your office windows is the number one way to reduce the heat and glare caused by harmful UV rays. This specialized type of office window tinting is an affordable solution that can dramatically reduce energy costs and create a more comfortable environment for your employees.

The main reason business owners opt to have their windows tinted is to cut energy costs, but there are other reasons to make this important investment in your office space. Windows that have been treated with a protective film provide greater privacy, block out harmful UV rays that can fade and damage your interior, and create a more comfortable, temperature-controlled environment for your staff.

Blocking 99% of Damaging UV Light

A high-quality, professionally installed tinting film will block 99% of damaging UV rays and up to 82% of solar heat. Unlike window blinds, which block both natural light and your exterior view, a tinted window is able to filter out the extreme heat and damaging UV rays you don’t want, while letting in the view and natural light that you do want.

Seeing Out But Not In

Just like your tinted car windows, office windows that have been treated with a solar-control film or one of our other commercial window films can prevent passersby from being able to see inside your office, but still give you an unfettered view of the exterior.

This is a beneficial safety feature for offices that are at ground level and even for upper level spaces which can be seen from other buildings. When someone cannot see your equipment or personnel, you and your employees and guests will feel an added level of privacy and protection, without having to worry about who may be outside, or what is visible in your office.

Protecting Your Interior

UV rays are not just bad for your skin, they can damage almost any material: wood, fabric, carpet, photographs, paintings, leather, and so on. By blocking out UV rays and heat, tinted window film will prevent interior walls, flooring, furniture, and artwork from damage such as fading, discoloration, and warpage. Protecting these items will result in significant savings over time, reducing the need to prematurely replace them in your workspace.

Saving Costs Over the Long-Term

In summer, direct sunlight and heat streaming through your windows forces your air conditioning system to work overtime. Your office might feel comfortable, but your energy costs are spiking as your system works hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. In winter, the opposite happens. Heat escapes through your windows, forcing your heating system to constantly cycle on and off to keep your office temperate.

Commercial-grade tinted window film has insulation and heat-reflective properties, meaning that more outside heat stays outside, and more inside heat stays inside. It is estimated that having windows treated with a protective film can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40%. That means that the one-time expense of purchasing and installing tinted window film on your office windows will deliver long-term cost-saving benefits year after year.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of adding a protective tinted film to your office windows, contact us today at Northwest Solar Protection for a quote.


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