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Does Commercial Window Tint Cause Excessive Reflections?

There are numerous reasons why commercial window tint is an excellent investment for your office or storefront. Increased energy efficiency, improved privacy, and better security drive business owners to have their windows tinted. However, if you've never worked in a space with tinted windows, you may have concerns over whether your tinted windows will be excessively reflective. Here's what you need to know about having your windows tinted.

If you've been putting off having your windows tinted because you're concerned about the reflection, you're in luck. At Northwest Solar Protection, we offer several different types of window tint suitable for commercial installation, allowing you to pick a tint with a level of reflectiveness ideal for your workplace.

Some window films are more reflective than others, and the specific function you want your tint to serve will impact the reflectiveness level you choose. There are reasons why some businesses will benefit from a highly reflective tint, while other commercial spaces need a less reflective window film.

Highly Reflective Tints Offer:


During the day, anyone outside your workplace will have difficulty seeing inside if you have a reflective tint installed on your windows. Commercial spaces in areas with high foot traffic often use reflective tints because they help prevent employees from feeling like they are in a “fishbowl."

In addition, the privacy this film provides can help employees focus on their work since they will not be distracted by the discomfort of being watched or worried that bad actors can see inside and plan a crime.

Reduced Glare

If your workspace is home to numerous screens, your employees will be grateful for the glare-stopping power of reflective tint. Reflective window films allow your team to enjoy filtered sunlight without forcing them to squint at their screens.

Minimizing glare on computer screens can minimize eye strain and reduce fatigue. Employees will also have a much more pleasant work experience when they aren't constantly tilting their computer trying to find the perfect position to work glare-free.

Improved Aesthetic

Reflective tints can give your building a facelift. By enhancing the appearance of your office or business, tinted windows can increase traffic or customer interest and give your office a professional atmosphere.

Why You Might Choose a Less-Reflective Tint:


Commercial spaces close to intersections or busy roads may opt for a less reflective film. If you select a highly reflective tint, the direction your windows face may cause light to be reflected into drivers' eyes. Our trained technicians can help you choose the appropriate amount of reflectiveness for your window tint that fits your location.

Just because you can't have highly reflective window tint due to the site of your workspace doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits that window film offers. Less reflective films can lower energy costs, block dangerous UV rays, increase security, and improve your building's exterior appearance.

Call NWSP Today for Your Tinting Needs

Whether you're looking for a reflective film for optimal energy-saving benefits or custom-printed frost film to help make valuable items more challenging to see, we have a tint to meet your needs. Create your ideal commercial space with our premium window tinting service.

Don't spend another moment dealing with damaging UV rays or prying eyes. Instead, contact Northwest Solar Protection today.


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