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How Well Can You See Out of a Tinted Window?

If you've never had the windows on your home or vehicle tinted, it's normal to be curious about how dark-tinted windows would work and whether the tint impacts visibility from inside your home. Well, you can stop wondering: having home window tint film applied at your residence can provide you with financial savings, increased privacy, and a greater sense of security without compromising your view.

Even though you want to limit the UV rays that enter your house through your windows or find a way to decrease your energy bill, that doesn't mean you want to sacrifice visibility. Having your windows tinted may make the world outside your window look slightly darker, but you'll still be able to see very well.

Additionally, if you're concerned about having a tint that's too dark, you'll be happy to know that numerous levels of window tint are available, and you can select the intensity you prefer.

Outside Lighting

The amount of light outside your home will impact visibility levels significantly. Though even the darkest tints won't prevent you from being able to see out of your home, a strong tint may make it more challenging to see out your windows at dusk or on stormy days.

Selecting Home Window Tint Film

In terms of visibility, think of tinted windows like sunglasses. You can still see no matter how dark a pair you put on, but they may make it more challenging to see clearly in low-light conditions. Tinted window film is marketed according to its transparency level, which means the amount of light the film lets through. For example, 30% window tint allows 30% of the outside light into your home.

Our team can help advise you on what transparency level would be best for your home. When choosing a tint level, factors such as which direction the windows face, how much sun exposure they receive, and the amount of privacy you desire will all be considered when finding the ideal tint.

Misconceptions About Window Tinting

“Tinted Windows Make Your Home Dark”

A common misconception is that tinted windows make your home feel small and dark, but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, tinted windows can make your home feel more inviting, as they are an excellent, clutter-free alternative to heavy drapes and blinds.

In addition, tinting allows you to keep your windows free from coverings while maintaining cooling and privacy benefits. The unobstructed view provided by window tinting is one of the reasons window film is adored by homeowners who have large picture windows or use their windows as a focal point in their home's design.

“Tinted Windows Kill Plants”

Some people worry that having tinted windows could damage their houseplants by preventing them from receiving the sunlight they need to thrive. While an extremely dark window tint (5-10%) could prevent plants from receiving adequate light, the average transparency used by most homeowners will not negatively impact plants.

Tinted windows allow you to lower your energy bill, reduce the UV rays that enter your home, and maintain your privacy, no matter how many neighbors you have. Contact Northwest Solar Protection today to find out the type of tint that would work best for your home.


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