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What's The Best Brand of Film For Window Tinting?

At NWSP Spokane, window tinting is our specialty. The separation is truly in the preparation. We start with the best professionals in the industry, the highest quality materials, and the most intricate cleaning and surface preparation. And it makes all the difference .

With a highly trained staff, attention to detail is our claim to fame. Not only is our installation process the best in the area, we use top quality Scorpion Auto Tinting Film for our various projects.

We can tint cars, trucks, RV’s, and boats! Our certified installers work in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, and are happy to provide a complimentary quote for your project. Auto tinting has many benefits besides helping you avoid year-round sun glare, hot seats and sun-worn upholstery! It actually helps protect your skin, too!

UV Protection

Many people don’t realize that UV rays can actually penetrate unprotected glass. Research shows that nearly 53 percent of skin cancers occur on the left, or the driver’s side, of the body. Tinting the windows of a vehicle you likely spend several hours in each week can help protect yourself and your family. That’s because Scorpion Tinting Film blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays. It’s one of the highest quality window tint films in the world.

Other Benefits

Window tinting also helps maintain a cool environment inside your car or truck in the summer. No more hot seatbelt-buckle burns! Tint also provides better visibility by reducing glare from the sun! Make your drive safer and more enjoyable with a minimal investment that lasts for years!

The Best Brands In The Industry

Not all tint films are created equal. Scorpion tint film is the industry leader when it comes to quality and longevity. To protect the product, it’s recommended that you not wash the windows for 30 days after installation. NWSP can help guide you on aftercare and also on choosing the proper light blockage percentage according to state laws. (Each state has its own VLT - visible light transmission - tinting regulation.)

Improve Your Vehicle Today!

The team at NWSP is always ready to help identify the right materials for your project goals. Whether you need paint protection film or window tinting for your car, truck, RV, or boat, Northwest Solar Protection is here to serve the Pacific Northwest. Contact us or visit our shop in Spokane. We’re located #behindzips at 10125 N Division Street.


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