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Window Tinting: Making Your Living Space More Energy Efficient

There is a lot of news these days about the cost of energy, but your energy costs are not just what you are paying at the gas pump. Energy costs from all sources are rising everywhere: heating oil, natural gas, propane, and electricity. And even if you think it might be a temporary spike in prices, can you really afford to pin your hopes on that?

If you're looking for a simple way to lower your energy bill that will generate a return right now, whether energy prices keep rising, stay the same, or even go down, it’s hard to beat window tinting. At NWSP in Spokane, Washington, we offer residential window tinting solutions that maximize your energy efficiency, minimize your carbon footprint, and, more importantly, keep your hard-earned money from – almost literally – going out the window.

Consider Solar Control Film

Solar control film is a commercial-grade film designed to be applied to residential and commercial windows–no need to replace your existing windows. It is cost-effective, lasts for decades, and, when applied by professionals, will be seamless: no bubbles, no curling edges, no gaps.

Many people wonder if windows tinted with this kind of film will really make a difference in the amount of heat absorbed through your windows. The answer to that query is a resounding “Yes!”. Tinted windows significantly limit the amount of solar heat your home absorbs. But the benefits do not just end there. In warm weather, it will keep outside heat out, and keep your cool air in, which is why the cost savings in energy are so significant. Research has shown that tinted windows can reduce your cooling costs by as much as 30%, creating significant savings in just one summer. And over time, the solar film installation cost will easily pay for itself not just in energy bills, but by reducing the strain on your HVAC system, keeping the repairman away and helping it to last longer.

Even better, the insulation value of solar control film goes both ways: in the cooler months, you'll also experience its energy-saving benefits. The insulation value of high-quality tinting film will keep warm air in, and keep the cold out. In fact, windows are one of the most significant contributors to heat loss during the winter. Solar control film can effectively give a single-pane window the insulation value of a double-pane window, and a double-pane window the insulation value of a triple-pane window.

Additional Benefits of High-Quality Window Tinting Film

There are also several side benefits to window tinting that go beyond your energy savings.

Window tints can enhance the visual appeal of your house, and give you more privacy. If you cannot afford to replace all your windows, a professional tinting installation can give your house a whole new modern look at a much lower cost. You can even add decorative film with frosted patterns that help your home stand out and keep your interior hidden from nosy neighbors.

Window tinting can also save your furnishings and fixtures. Because tinted window films block out UV rays, those harmful rays will not penetrate into your home to fade your furniture, flooring, carpets, paint, rugs, and drapes.

Another benefit is that window tinting film keeps your window intact. This may seem like an odd benefit, but not when you think about what might happen if an intruder tries to break into your house. You can lock your doors at night and even have an alarm system, but a thief who wants to “smash-and-grab” your stuff in 30 seconds won’t care. With window film, he won’t have such an easy time of it. First, with tinting, it is much harder to see into your house to identify what there is to steal. But second, and more importantly, if someone tries to smash your windows, the window will stay intact–even if the glass is broken. It’s pretty hard to crawl or reach through a window if you can’t make a hole in it.

Stop dreading your energy bills. Don't let another summer pass by without improving your home's energy efficiency. Give NWSP a call and talk to our skilled service team about how window tinting can benefit your home.


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