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What Is the Best Time of Year to Tint Your Office Windows?

Ready to upgrade your workplace's windows and protect your employees from dangerous UV rays? Office window tinting helps improve your building's energy efficiency and offers privacy and increased security for employees. At Northwest Solar Protection, your Spokane tinting service, our skilled installers are ready to find the tinting solutions you need to protect your employees and improve your building's energy use.

Numerous factors can impact the application of window tint. Humidity and temperature can both affect the window tint installation process. Weather conditions such as snow and rain will also require you to reschedule your project unless the windows being tinted are protected from the elements.

That means seasons with minimal inclement weather and moderate temperatures and humidity levels are the best for applying window tint. Spring and fall are typically popular seasons for window tint installation in the Pacific Northwest.

Benefits of Office Window Tinting During:


Having your office windows tinted in the spring allows you to avoid the temperature extremes that can occur during the summer and winter months. During the spring, humidity levels are usually lower than in the summer. Tinting your windows in the spring also lets you have your office ready for the soaring summer temperatures.

If your office air conditioning system has been struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature during the hotter months of the year or your energy bill has been spiking, you'll want to avoid those issues by having your windows tinted before summer arrives. Choosing to have your office windows tinted early in the year ensures that your employees and interior furnishings will be protected from UV rays, which are stronger in the spring and summer.


Like spring, fall is a popular time for window tinting. While there are exceptions to every season, fall usually doesn't have weather extremes that can throw a wrench in your tint installation plan. Another reason to tint your windows in the fall is so that you can take advantage of the energy-saving benefits tinted windows provide in the winter. Many individuals believe that window tint only benefits their workplace during warm weather; this is a common misconception.

Window tint lowers energy use during cold months by acting as another layer of insulation to help the temperature of your office stay consistent. Without tint helping reduce heat loss, a large portion of your building's heat can be lost through the windows, causing you to run up your energy bill. Hiring a professional installation service to install your tint in the fall will ensure your building's climate control system works more effectively this winter.

Any Season

Remember: just because certain times of year are better suited to tint installation doesn't mean you're limited to having your office windows tinted during that time. Professional window tinters work year-round and are experienced at handling the challenges that various weather conditions provide.

While windows can't be tinted in the midst of inclement weather, installers are adept at adapting their application techniques to account for varying temperatures and humidity levels. In addition, since your installation crew is focused on providing you with the best possible service, you can count on them to inform you if the weather will prevent them from applying tint correctly.

Northwest Solar Protection: Your Local Spokane Tinting Service

No matter what season, NWSP is dedicated to bringing you high-quality window tinting, paint protection, and sign and accessory design and installation. We offer window films and tints that address concerns such as UV rays, privacy, and temperature fluctuations.

Avoid pricey energy bills and UV exposure by tinting the windows at your workplace. Reach out to Northwest Solar Protection, and let us handle your window tinting needs.


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