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Vinyl Wrap for Cars: How Does It Work?

Have you recently seen a car in Spokane with what looks like an exotic paint job or an impossibly shiny chrome finish? Chances are, you saw a car with a vinyl car wrap, not a paint job. Vinyl car wrap allows you to modify your car’s exterior more easily than with paint. And since the graphics are designed on a computer, they can be very intricate, detailed, and vivid.

What Is Meant by a “Wrap”?

Vinyl wrapping your car is a fairly straightforward process. To start, you develop or select your design on a computer. Then, the design is printed out onto a large piece of vinyl. After, it is laminated and cut to the correct size.

Before installing the wrap, your vehicle is thoroughly washed to remove any particles that will inhibit the vinyl from properly adhering to the exterior. Usually, lights and mirrors are also removed to allow the vinyl to be fully integrated onto the bodywork.

Afterward, the vinyl is "wrapped" around your car's exterior, and adhered to the vehicle using a special process. For very intricate designs, you may need multiple layers of vinyl film, which can take several days. The end result is customized and awesome graphics on your vehicle, making your car stand out from all the rest.

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Last?

Many people around Spokane choose to get their cars wrapped because of its durability. Vinyl wrap goes directly over your car’s paint job, which means it adds another layer of protection to your car’s body, protecting it from dings and scratches.

Most new paint jobs will only last a few years, and are prone to damage from weather and wear. But if the vinyl wrap on your vehicle is properly maintained, it can last anywhere form 5-7 years. Even more, if you get tired of your vinyl wrap or it is at the end of its life, it can be removed without damaging the paint underneath.

What Condition Should My Car Be In?

Vinyl car wrap is not intended to be used as a cover-up for major damage to your paint job. In fact, holes or deep, wide scratches will deform the shape of the vinyl wrap as it goes on, leaving pockets of air that won't allow the wrap to stick. To ensure the wrap goes on perfectly, your car’s exterior must be in a good condition and meticulously clean. The team at Inked Wraps prides itself on precise attention to detail, starting with surface preparation.

For Long Life, Maintain Your Wrap

Since your car’s exterior is vinyl and not paint, your vinyl wrap has different maintenance requirements. To ensure a long life, here are some key rules: First, since many automatic car washes utilize harsh bristles, you need to avoid them; instead, wash your car with soft sponges or microfiber cloths. Second, like any fine finish, vinyl wrap is best kept out of the elements: store the vehicle in a garage or under a thick cover. After all, if you are going to turn your car into a work of art, you need to protect your investment.

From creating and showcasing amazing graphics to protecting your paint for years to come, opting for a vinyl wrap has many benefits. Maybe it's time to go out there and get one! Visit Inked Wraps & Signs to check out our incredible selection of vinyl wraps, graphics, and decals, to see what we can do to make your ride spectacular.


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