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Why Choose a 3M Certified Graphics Installer For Paint Protection Film?

When it comes to having your vehicles wrapped, you want to feel confident that your vehicle wrap will last. The best way to do that is to make sure you are having your wrap installed by a 3M Certified Graphics Installer. There are a number of benefits that come with choosing a properly certified installer to get the job done.

Quality Work for Your Cars

The number one reason you should choose a 3M preferred graphics installer is that they have received proper training from the manufacturer of the vinyl wrap to ensure that it is installed according to specifications. This means that they have done all of the legwork to properly clean and prep the vehicle's surface prior to placing the wrap, and they have followed all of the steps to make the wrap adhere along every curve and edge.

In the long term, following these steps will keep the edges from lifting or peeling and prevent unsightly bubbles from appearing under your graphics.

Paint Protection Film and Weather Protection You Can Trust

As the leading manufacturer of paint protection film and other vinyl wrap products, 3M has put together an extensive catalog of training materials for technicians to help them apply wraps without damaging customer vehicles. This training, coupled with the Inked Wraps commitment to quality service and detailed preparations, promises each customer an outstanding result.

Their unique installation techniques are designed to help your graphics installer get the best results without having to use knives or other tools that could potentially damage the underlying paint of your vehicle. 3M certified installers also undergo continuous training to learn new techniques as the company releases new products and features.

Vehicle Wrap Design Considerations

Beyond the benefits of weather and paint protection, you need your wrap to speak for your brand. In order to make a positive impact on your branding, your wrap needs to take into consideration the unique ways in which potential customers will be engaging with the vehicle on the road.

This includes everything from the size of your logos and text to the visibility of the colors used in the design. It isn't enough to have a flashy design if potential customers don't know what to do next.

A Perfect Fit

3M certified graphics installers undergo extensive training in the application of protective film across a variety of cars so that they can learn how to create eye-catching designs that really translate into new leads. Proper placement of the design on the vehicle will ensure that your logo and website are clearly distinguished from the background colors and that customers can easily identify what services you have to offer.

Before you spend money on protective film for your vehicles, make sure that you are turning to a 3M certified graphics installer. Certified installers will stand behind their work and provide you with the most up-to-date installation practices to ensure that your wrap lasts. A poorly applied wrap will only leave you without the weather protection you're looking for. To learn more about wrapping services and speak with a 3M certified graphics installer today, contact Inked Wraps & Signs.


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