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We’re excited about our newest vehicle, a 2018 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. We started with the Renegade in Anvil Grey and wrapped it for a whole new look. “We put a full wrap on it including satin black on the front end and a printed wrap on the back end so it’s an advertising wrap,” NWSP owner Will Oakley explained. One of the coolest features is the embossed look on the black satin end. We put a topographical map down first, then the satin on top, creating the embossed topographical effect all over the front end.

Topographical Map Hood Wrap Underlay

The wrap isn’t the only modification we added. To make this makeover really show off what we can do, we lifted it, tinted the windows, added a front bumper, new wheels and tires and the full wrap. We also did green accents on the inside to match the NWSP logo green.

“We can personalize a brand new vehicle. By wrapping it brand new—less than a week from the dealership—it locks in the newness,” Will said. “You won’t have any UV fading on the paint and no scratches.” You get peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. Whether you need an advertising wrap or not, we can personalize and protect your new vehicle and create exactly the look you want.

Our menu of modifications includes:

  • Printed wrap, color change wrap, or other custom wrap

  • Wrap accents for inside or outside the vehicle

  • Chrome deletes

  • Window tinting

  • Truck lifts

  • Tires

  • Wheels

  • Bed covers

  • Light bars

  • HID upgrades

  • Tow hitches, and more!

Bring your new vehicle over for a quote; with the best installers, graphic designers and accessory professionals in town, we can help you achieve almost any vision. NWSP is a full-service tint, accessory, and sign studio serving Spokane with more than 60 years combined experience in our fields. Our installers and designers are ready to turn your vision into an impeccable work of art!

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