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Perforated Window Graphics For Spokane's USATF Championships

For years, our company has had the pleasure of working with the Spokane Sports Commission on various signs and graphics. It’s been incredible turning their vision into reality, and our most recent project for them was no exception.

In the fall of 2021, Spokane saw the opening of The Podium, a one-of-a-kind sports complex connected to Riverfront Park. With 135,000 square feet of space, the Podium will be the host of the National Track and Field Championships, which will be aired on NBC on February 26th and 27th, 2022.

With an audience of that magnitude, NWSP was thrilled to have the opportunity to create larger than life graphics for the Podium’s entry windows.

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the Spokane Sports Commission, the USA Track and Field organization (USATF) commissioned us to create graphics showcasing their logo and images of the top track and field contenders. Their goal was to create a welcoming first impression as people enter the complex.

The Podium has three large entry windows that are about 4ft wide by 18 ft high. We decided to use a perforated vinyl film that lets in a lot of light. Perforated simply means that the image is made up of several dots, so there’s not a solid graphic covering the glass.

Since these designs were temporary, we added a gloss laminate over the top. That way, we wouldn’t be removing several little dots, but rather a full sheet of vinyl film once the event is over. The perforation would make it come off in pieces but the film thickens it making one solid piece for removal. The gloss laminate also protects the product during the install process.

The entire process has been a blast to work on. Even though this display will only be up for less than a week, it’s a safe and simple way to make a big impression!

Having worked with the Spokane Sports Commission on signage for their events, we were proud to assist the USATF for these championships. And although USATF is not technically a regular client, this job has opened doors to future opportunities with organizations like these.

We can’t wait to see the victories that will happen inside the Podium walls, but anytime we can support our local tourism industry, we feel pretty victorious ourselves!

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