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Local Business Spotlight - February 2021

Each month here at NWSP we like to spotlight some local businesses that we’ve worked with. It’s our way of sharing their general awesomeness with the community! That’s one of the privileges of being a local company - we’ve gotten to know some of the best local leaders in the neighborhood!

Haven Real Estate

We believe there’s something to be said for collaborating with other successful businesses. The success is contagious, and Haven Real Estate is no exception to this rule. A local real estate firm, Haven Real Estate Group focuses on serving their clients AND training their team. Their winning approach has brought them much success, which led them to us for some signage.

See, at NWSP, we do more than just tinting and vehicle wraps. Oftentimes, local companies reach out to us seeking office and building signage. One industry in which signs are extremely important is real estate! But that’s not where our relationship with Haven began. NWSP owner Will Oakley and Haven founder Robert knew each other for years before either of them started their own businesses. Their existing relationship made it easy for Robert to choose who to work with for custom signs!

Whether it’s office signs for his business or “For Sale” signs for his agents, NWSP is proud to fulfill Haven’s signage needs.

"For over 15 years, I've had the pleasure of doing business with Will Oakley,” Haven said, “He truly takes the time to get to know his client's needs. It is a rare find to do business with someone who so consistently delivers. I would recommend Will and NWSP to anyone."

Vista Title & Escrow

Another necessary stop on the home-buying journey is a Title Company. But contrary to popular belief, not all title companies are created equal! Vista Title And Escrow stands out among its competitors - and not just because NWSP did their signage!

The staff at Vista Title is remarkable. They share our commitment to truly satisfied customers. That respectable quality alone makes doing business with their team so rewarding. In fact, the connection is special to NWSP since it was Robert from Haven Real Estate who connected us!

Jessica, Vista Title’s VP of Business Development, was great to work with. She’s not alone in recognizing the talent of NWSP owner Will Oakley’s creative team.

“Will makes working with him easy,” said Jessica. “I give him my ideas and he puts his own twist on it and presents me things I hadn’t expected. I appreciate the creativity and effort.”

Be Grateful - It’s Contagious!

We know there’s an awful lot of talk about contagions these days, but here’s one thing we actually like spreading - gratitude! Being thankful is great, but showing it is even better. We love bragging on Haven Real Estate and Vista Title. We’re glad we’ve been able to build relationships with them and other awesome companies like the ones in last month’s Local Business Spotlight.

At the end of the day, we’re just super grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such awesome local businesses that are doing the same thing we are - satisfying those we serve and having a little fun while we’re at it;)

Come see all the fun we have at our climate-controlled shop #behindzips! We’re located at:

10125 N Division St

Spokane, Wa 99218


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