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Each month, we highlight a local business that we’ve worked with within the community. It’s a great way for us to reminisce about our fantastic local relationships. It’s also a great way for our customers to see how we help others achieve their branding goals through real-life projects like vehicle wraps.

Sure, many of our favorite projects involve helping companies brand their vehicles. Let’s face it, wraps are a great way to advertise your business around town. But every once in a while - it’s not a vehicle that needs wrapping, but an entire wall!

Blue Zone Marketing’s new office wall was a prime candidate for a wrap. Blue Zone specializes in helping small businesses build and boost their online presence. And since they’re in the business of getting people seen online, they knew that their in-person image has to be stellar. Thankfully, their new office space acts as somewhat of a local billboard. They’re located on the first floor of the Innovation Den in downtown Coeur d’Alene. Not only is theirs the first office you see upon entering the building’s double glass doors, there’s a giant, floor-to-ceiling window into their workspace! This meant that their back wall would be seen by anyone who visits Coeur d’Alene Coffee at the Innovation Den.

This blank white wall was begging for something eye-catching and brand-specific. The Blue Zone team sent over a few inspiration images. They wanted an edgy, geometric design to match their business cards and captivate the eyes of passers-by. They knew Inked was the team for the job.

“Working with Will and the Inked Team was a no-brainer. The day we moved into our new office, our team collectively agreed that Will would absolutely have to wrap the back wall!”

-Dominic Longo, President/CEO Blue Zone Marketing

We had known Dom from Blue Zone for almost a decade before hiring Blue Zone as our digital marketing agency. Our friendship has seen many business collaborations from signs to vehicle wraps to apparel and more. NWSP/Inked & Blue Zone really help each other look their best!

Once the design team at Inked came up with a proof, the Blue Zone team approved and their wrap date was scheduled. On install day, we prepped the surface - one of the most important parts of the process - and prepared the vinyl for adhesion.

Wall wraps like this often go on in 3-4 pieces. When applied correctly, seams are virtually unnoticeable. Vinyl wall wraps like this can last10 years and barely damage the wall when removed. A fresh coat of paint is all you should need. It’s the perfect solution for an office space like this one.

Since the wall has been wrapped, the Blue Zone Marketing team has had countless people stop by and comment on the striking design in their office.

“We love the new wall wrap, and so do our clients and neighbors! There’s been a ton of buzz around the office building since the new wrap went up. People literally come to touch it. They don’t believe it’s not 3 dimensional! We’re so grateful to Will and his team.”

-Melissa, VP Sales & Operations at Blue Zone Marketing

This was such a fun wrap to install. We used a 6700 series Arlon wall film. This film is highly conformable and suitable for interior and exterior wall wraps. It comes in a matte, gloss, luster or satin finish. From printing to laminating - this product is great to work with. We’re both proud and excited that we could be a part of what will undoubtedly bring more success to this already awesome company!

Do you have an office that needs a facelift? Contact us today!


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