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Local Business Spotlight - Coeur d’Alene On Ice

Each month we love to highlight a local business that we’ve worked with within the community. It’s a great way for us to reminisce about our fantastic local relationships. It’s also a great way for our customers to see how we help others achieve their branding goals through real-life projects like vehicle wraps.

But our most recent vehicle wrap was somewhat...unexpected. While it’s not the type of vehicle you’d expect to see driving around town, it still provides equally as much exposure for the business that sponsored it. This month, we wrapped a Zamboni!

If you haven’t yet heard, McEuen Park is now home to Coeur d’Alene’s newest winter attraction - CDA On Ice! This seasonal, pop-up ice rink will remain open through the winter season and is sure to bring joyful and magical memories to locals and tourists alike. We’re especially excited to have been a part of the planning process.

CDA On Ice works with Blue Zone Marketing, a company you may remember from our last local business spotlight. We wrapped their new downtown Coeur d’Alene office wall and it was an instant hit on Instagram. Since they were sponsoring the Zamboni at the rink, it was only fitting that we wrap that for them, too!

The Zamboni design presents some limitations when it comes to vinyl wraps. We had to steer clear of the vents and pipes, but the rest of it got a fresh look to match the Blue Zone office vibes.

We did a black-on-black two-tone design with a gloss logo on matte film. That effect is always a showstopper, especially if you remember the look from last month’s Mustang wrap.

To bring awareness to their brand, we added some funny team pictures that really showcased their personalities. This will undoubtedly be fun to watch drive across the rink as it smooths out the ice in between skate sessions!

No surface goes to waste when it comes to advertising! We even wrapped the top of

the Zamboni so that guests at the CDA Resort can clearly see the logo and contact info from their nearby hotel rooms!

“When we decided to sponsor the Zamboni for Coeur d’Alene On Ice, we knew we wanted Will and his team to wrap it with a unique design. We made sure to stay consistent with the graphics they used on our awesome office wall. This consistency will surely help increase our brand recognition on and off the ice!”

One of the best things about this project is that it shows how limitless vinyl wrapping really is. If you have an empty surface, chances are we can wrap it for you! It doesn’t make sense to pass up the opportunity for brand recognition that these vehicles (read: ‘traveling billboards’) can offer!

Do you need a vehicle (or a Zamboni!?!) wrapped to promote your brand? Reach out to the talented design team at Inked Wraps for a custom quote today!


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