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Each month here at NWSP, we love to highlight a local business that we’ve worked with from our community. It’s a great way for us to reminisce about our awesome local relationships. It’s also a great way for our customers to see how we help others achieve their branding goals through real-life projects like vehicle wraps.

Some of our favorite projects involve helping companies brand their vehicles. We’ve wrapped entire fleets, but also single vehicles for small business owners. Every time we do, it’s a long-term hit! Vehicle wraps are moving billboards that advertise your business wherever you are! Any good business owner knows the value of this mobile marketing tool.

That’s why Velofix reached out to NWSP-Inked Wraps. Velofix is a mobile version of a bike shop. These locally owned franchisees are equipped to repair, rent, and fit bicycles just like a normal bike shop - but they come to you! The Spokane-Coeur d’Alene business is owned by the awesome Grafton Pannell, whose family owns the local Fleet Feet Sports store. Grafton and his family have a passion for endurance sports, especially biking. We knew Grafton needed a vehicle wrap that would showcase his brand and his passion for helping people & their bikes!

Not only did Grafton want a fresh design, he actually needed a new wrap. His previous vehicle wrap was done by a shop that cut some corners and so it was beginning to peel. This should NOT happen if the installation is done correctly. Thankfully, here at NWSP/Inked we meticulously prep all surfaces to optimize long-term adhesion and cosmetic appeal. When you have an awesome design, you want it to last!

That’s why we took the standard red on Velofix corporate wrap designs and swapped it out for a fresh white. This bright design really helps his logo pop. While we had some design limitations from the corporate brand, we had no limitations when it came to product quality. Thankfully, NWSP’s Inked Wraps uses the highest quality wrap film that protects against fading and peeling. Our installers are the best in the area, and it shows.


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