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May Local Business Spotlight: Spokane Pinball Company

Each month we love to highlight a local business that we’ve worked with within the community. It’s a great way for us to reminisce about our fantastic local relationships. It’s also a great way for our customers to see how we help others achieve their branding goals through real-life projects like vehicle wraps.

Some of our favorite projects involve helping companies brand their vehicles. Wraps are a great way to advertise your business. But if it’s not a catchy design, it may not catch anyone’s eye long enough to keep them looking!

A Mobile Billboard!

That’s what brought Jeff of Spokane Pinball Co to our shop. Jeff not only sells, rents, and repairs pinball machines, he transports them all across the Pacific Northwest! When you’re covering that kind of territory, you can’t pass up a vehicle wrap - it’s a mobile billboard! Jeff knew his wrap would have to be eye-catching, and he knew Will’s team at NWSP was just the team to make that happen!

After designing a unique comic-book-themed wrap, our team got right to work cleaning the surface of his van. Proper surface preparation is one of the main reasons vehicle wraps end up peeling and lifting. Our commitment to detail is unmatched and it is what makes us stand out from the rest. We have some of the best-certified installers in the Pacific Northwest, right here at our NWSP Shop on N. Division. They keep our customers and their vehicles looking awesome!

“Working with NWSP was fantastic! Will’s entire team knocked it out of the park. They got the job done on time, and I get compliments on the van every day!”

-Jeff, owner, Spokane Pinball Co

Done Right. Done Fast.

We don’t cut corners on your job, but we know how important it is for a business owner to have their fleet up and running. The time your vehicle spends in the shop is time that it’s not working for you. That’s why we get the whole team involved in efficiently scheduling and executing your project goals in a timely manner. For Jeff’s van wrap, we all came in on a Saturday to get the job done right - and done fast!

Another Satisfied Customer!

Jeff was ELATED with our work! Since he often sells themed Pinball machines, he loved the idea of displaying themed characters all over his vehicle wrap. NWSP’s owner, Will Oakley said it best when he said,

“When you see that Spokane Pinball van, you can’t help but think, ‘FUN!’”

Jeff is now back to transporting Pinball machines around in his new ride - but to perhaps put it more accurately, let’s just say he’s back to bringing joy and FUN to families all around the Pacific Northwest!

Get a Free Quote for your vehicle wrap today! Or visit our Spokane shop at 10125 N. Division, behind Zips


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