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How Long Does It Take To Get Window Tinting For Your Home

Home window tinting is a wise option for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and increase their home's privacy. If you've been frustrated by the energy required to cool your home or feel exposed with your blinds open, it's time to consider having a residential window tint completed.

While an average-sized house can be tinted in one workday, several factors determine the precise amount of time needed to complete a tint:

  • First, how many windows the home has and their size.

  • The second factor is the shape of the windows. Since the film will need to be cut to fit each window, windows in intricate shapes will require more time.

  • Finally, the location of the windows will impact the timeframe. The more windows you have that can only be accessed using a ladder will increase the time it takes for your tint to be completed, as the technician will need to reposition the ladder for each window.

What to Expect From a Home Window Tinting


When our skilled technicians from Northwest Solar Protection arrive at your home, they will clean your windows and prepare the surface for tinting. Removing any smears, streaks, or dust from your windows ensures that your film rests directly against the glass and that no marks are ruining the appearance of your window.

Once the windows are clean, they will be measured, and the technician will cut the window film to match the dimensions of each window. Then the film will be affixed to the window pane. To expedite the tinting process, you'll want to move any furniture that can obstruct window access before the technicians arrive.

Tint Removal

Many windows have an older tint that must be removed before the new film can be applied. While some homeowners attempt to remove old film themselves, it is a job better left to professionals. Our technicians have the proper tools to remove the film without damaging your windows.

Film removal will add a few hours to tinting your windows, but it is an essential step. If your window's old tint needs to be removed, it's best to let us know when making your appointment. Providing that information to us allows our technicians to come prepared with the tools needed to complete your window tinting job as efficiently as possible.

Contact NWSP for a Residential Window Tint Quote

Whether you're working with a tight schedule and need your residential tinting expedited or want an estimated time frame for completing your project, talking to one of our team members is the first step. We can give you a customized time estimate and quote.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of tinting your windows and get an estimate for your project, give Northwest Solar Protection a call today.

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