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4 Benefits of Tinted Window Film

Window tinting has been a popular feature for car owners for decades. But many people are now catching on to the advantages of installing tinted window film in residences and offices, as well. Beyond aesthetics, tinted window film provides a number of economic, health, and other benefits that may not be readily obvious.

One: It Can Lower Your Energy Costs

The insulation value of professionally installed window film helps you keep heat inside in the winter and repel outside heat in the summer. Consequently, it can decrease your energy consumption and reduce energy costs. Your heating and air-conditioning systems will not have to work as hard to maintain comfortable interior temperatures.

Did you know that most of a building’s energy loss is through its windows? In fact, according to the EPA's Energy Star U.S. Building Manual, roughly one-third of a building's utility bill can be attributed to its heating and air conditioning system working to mitigate extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter.

Two: It Will Reduce Harmful UV Exposure

While people are aware of the harm associated with over-exposure to UV rays when they are outside, many do not realize that UV rays can penetrate untreated windows and do damage indoors. Residential window tinting allows natural light into your home while protecting against harmful UV rays, giving you the best of both worlds. Office buildings can benefit from window tinting, too, as commercial window tinting blocks 99% of UV damage.

The importance of protecting against UV extends to your furniture and floors, as well. Not only does window tinting film prevent them from being hot to the touch, it can prevent the fading, discoloration, and damage that heat and UV rays can cause to carpets, rugs, wood, fabric, leather, and other materials.

Three: Window Film Eliminates Uncomfortable Glare

While natural light is welcome in nearly any type of room, sometimes too much light can hinder your enjoyment of the space because of uncomfortable glare and eye strain. It is difficult to see objects and people standing in front of a bright window, and activities like watching television or working at a computer are unpleasant with too much light or with light reflecting off the screen. Window film helps you maintain a happy balance, letting in enough natural light, but preventing the eye strain and discomfort caused by excessive glare.

There is also a benefit to looking through tinted windows. On bright sunny or overcast days, looking out the window can actually be painful until your eyes adjust to the light, especially from a dark interior. Window tinting film can actually increase your enjoyment of a beautiful view.

Four: Tinted Windows Enhance Security

Tinted window films have an added benefit: making your building more secure. Tinted window film will not only make it harder for an intruder to see what’s in your building–especially at night–but quality window films, such as MADICO's specialty residential window film can deter and slow an intruder because the film will hold the window together when someone breaks the glass.

When you combine the visual appeal, energy savings, comfort, and safety features offered by tinted window film for your home or business, it's no wonder that installing tinted window film is becoming increasingly more common and desirable. For a quote, contact Northwest Solar Protection to learn more and to discover the best window tinting solution for your home or business.


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