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Considering a Vinyl Wrap? 3 Things to Love About Car Wraps

There's nothing quite like that new car feeling, but few of us are able to buy a new car whenever we feel like it just to recapture that feeling. So what other options are there to get that sensation? Well, a vinyl wrap can help deliver that new car feeling to your same old car, and, even better, you can completely customize its appearance to suit a nearly limitless rersonal tastes. Here we highlight a few things we love about vinyl car wraps and why they might be a great choice for you.

1. Wraps Come in a Wide Variety of Colors

When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, chances are you will be limited to a small handful of standard (and often boring) color options. Sometimes there is no option at all. If you are set on the particular model and features that you want and would rather not wait for the factory, you may have to drive off with whatever is on the lot. This means your car often looks just like lots of other cars unless you’re willing to throw in the added expense of a custom paint job.

We spend a lot of hours in our automobiles, and many of us want them to reflect who we are. How can we personalize them? One affordable and quick way is with a custom car wrap.

High-quality vinyl vehicle wraps come in a nearly endless variety of colors to suit your personal taste, helping your car truly stand out from the crowd. In addition to myriad color options, you'll be able to choose from various finishes such as gloss, matte, chromatic, carbon fiber, and chameleon. This combination of color and finish options gives you limitless freedom to express your style.

2. We Offer Unique Graphics, Decals, and Patterns

With custom paint jobs, there is a limit to how much you can customize your car's appearance with graphics or patterns. Not only that, but customization can increase the cost significantly. This is not the case with automobile wraps, which can easily be customized to incorporate vehicle graphics and decals, such as classic flames or racing stripes or even unusual patterns like corrugated steel. If you dream it, vinyl can probably do it.

This versatility means you can apply different techniques to each of the car's body panels and personalize things like wheels, wings, lights, and badges. It also offers tremendous value for business owners who may wish to wrap their cars with company logos, campaign slogans, or other messages to help promote their businesses.

3. Wraps Protect Your Vehicle and Its Resale Value

Through normal daily use, your car is subject to dings, chips, and scrapes that can diminish its appearance and decrease its value if you ever wish to resell it. With professional installation using top-quality materials, a vehicle wrap can help protect against all this. Wraps can easily be removed at any time, and doing so will reveal the car's original paint in pristine and unblemished form.

This also means that, if your customization is too personal and hampers its resale value or limits its marketability, you can simply remove the wrap and sell it in its original color.

These are a few of the things we love most about vinyl automobile wraps. Contact Inked Wraps and Signs to learn more about exciting customization options for your vehicle.


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