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Color Change Wraps

From rally stripes to a complete color change, you no longer have to look to pricey paint jobs to get the personalized details you want. Color change wraps offer the easiest and safest way to transform the look of your vehicle.

Color change wraps:

  • Are durable and long lasting (up to 10 years)

  • Offer a paint-like custom finish without altering the factory paint job or negatively affecting vehicle value. In fact, the wrap will protect the paint job and your investment.

  • Give you an almost endless choice of colors

  • Personalize or refresh your vehicle’s appearance

  • Can be more cost-effective than a paint job

Color change wraps can even work for businesses. Mismatched vehicles become a unified fleet with color change wraps in a company color.

Wrap Films

We have eight different brands of color books to choose from, with one manufacturer alone carrying over 80 colors and finishes. In addition to a dizzying array of color choices, there’s metallic, matte, color shifting, and texture films available as well.

“There are pros and cons to every film,” owner Will Oakley explains. “Some are easier to use, and some last longer. For color change wraps, Avery is my favorite. It’s really easy to work with, really user-friendly and offers the best longevity.”

When a wrap film is easy to work with, that means faster installation along with higher quality results. We choose only the highest quality materials to work with. Color change films offer repositioning capability to get the placement just right, as well as high conformability for a perfectly smooth finish, even around curves and crevices.

Whether your vehicle needs a refresh or you are looking to improve the life and resale value of your vehicle, a color change wrap is the answer. Contact us todafor more information on color change vehicle wraps, or check out our gallery for more ideas!

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