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Why Are Tinted Windows Good for the Environment?

Tinted windows are a great way to shield the contents of your home, business, or vehicle from damaging UV rays. They also provide privacy, so homeowners can feel secure that peeping toms will be frustrated, while business owners have confidence bad actors can't glance in the windows and easily plan out ways to steal. But the benefits of window tinting go a lot further. They are also a great way to protect the environment.

In the summer, air conditioners cooling rooms with window tinting don't have to work so hard. The tinting blocks the sun's rays on windows and doors, and that's not all: the heat from the outside also can't transfer as efficiently through glass that has film over it, so the tint is actually blocking heat in two ways, and allowing you to cool the inside more efficiently.

In the winter, window tinting protects heat transfer in the opposite direction. Instead of stopping heat coming in from outside, the film now stops the heat your HVAC system is generating from escaping through the glass. With window tinting, you can expect more consistent temperatures throughout the year and energy bills around 10% lower. Yet lower bills are just a personal benefit. On a larger scale, those smaller bills are reflective of less energy being used, which is good for you and the planet.

In the Car, Too!

By putting tint on the windows of your car, you can also save on energy (read: gas) usage by your car. Depending on the temperature of the day and your driving habits, 10-25% of your gas usage on a trip could be just from using the AC. The answer isn't just to roll down the windows, either. You don't actually save gas that way because, with the windows down, your vehicle's aerodynamic lines are ruined. That means there's more drag, and now the vehicle needs more power from the engine to overcome that drag.

Keeping the windows closed and the AC off is hardly the answer, either, as temperatures in a vehicle can quickly climb to unsafe levels just on a sunny spring day. Tinting the windows, however, can make a dramatic difference. If the windows are tinted, though, your car will not be so hot, to begin with, so it will take less time for the AC to bring the cabin temperature to a comfortable point. Once the temperatures are comfortable, you'll be able to turn the AC low and remain comfortable throughout the trip. You'll be burning less gas every time you drive and protecting the environment along the way.

Tinting the windows of your car, home, or business has a lot of benefits, but don't overlook possibly the biggest benefit of all: protecting our environmental future. If you're ready to get tinting for your windows, contact us at NWSP in Spokane, WA, today for a free quote.


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