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Does Window Tinting Offer UV Protection

Does Window Tinting Offer UV Protection?

No matter how good the sunshine may feel, exposing yourself to ultraviolet (UV) light rays can cause major health problems. Science has proven that 90% of all skin cancers are associated with the sun's UV rays. Window tinting offers an affordable and practical solution for protecting yourself and your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

Even base-level window tints provide nearly a 40% reduction in UV rays, and tints explicitly designed for sun protection can block up to 99% of rays. At NWSP, we offer window tints intended to mitigate the damage UV rays can cause to your body. Choosing to tint your windows is a small change that can create a long-term positive impact on your health.

Uses for UV Protection Window Tinting

Commercial Spaces

Not only does applying window tint to your office or storefront improve your building's energy efficiency, and protect your merchandise from harmful rays, it also limits your employees' and customers' exposure to ultraviolet light.

Stores that feature displays in their window often find merchandise too faded to sell once it has been removed from the window. Window tint prevents material deterioration from UV rays and ensures your merchandising efforts don't look subpar.

Residential Spaces

The benefit of window tinting extends beyond the workplace. Having window tinting applied to your home's windows will help your home maintain your desired temperature more efficiently.

The tint acts like a layer of insulation on your windows, making it easier for your heater and air conditioner to maintain the right temperature in your home. This can lower your energy bill and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems because they won’t have to work as hard.

Extra Protection

Many people turn to Blinds for UV protection but blinds can be expensive and sometimes difficult to keep in good repair. Window tints can substitute blinds by providing privacy as well as allowing you to enjoy natural light without incurring potential risks from UV rays.

Automobile Tint

While setting up a strong defense against UV ray exposure, don't forget about your vehicle. Adding window tint to your car will prevent you from being exposed to rays on the road and provide you with privacy. As a bonus, it also deters property theft since thieves will have difficulty seeing into your vehicle and breaking in. v


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