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Patriotic Boat Wrap

When you’re an avid bass fisherman, there’s arguably nothing more exciting than giving your boat a refresh just in time for the season! That’s what NWSP did for a special client with a boat that needed just a little TLC.

The Project

This customer came to NWSP with an older boat that was his dad’s. He thought it might be time for an upgrade, but this boat had sentimental value - it was his dad’s bass boat.

The creative team in the Inked Wraps division of NWSP knew the solution. They gave it a facelift! The customer reupholstered the seats and installed new deck carpeting, but he hired the pros to come up with a unique and fresh design.

The Process

The process began with him bringing the boat by the shop. The team took a look and listened to his wish list. He wanted a simple patriotic design, but cool and different - and nothing too loud or obnoxious. The team got to work and sent over a couple of proofs. The client was wowed! He loved both so much, he asked for a combination of the two designs. NWSP delivered and married the two designs together to provide final proof. He loved it.

The Result

The new boat design matches the client’s burgundy truck, which makes for an incredible look when he’s driving with the boat in tow. He wanted patriotic, and he got it! Even the motor got a little American flair - complete with a flag-raising scene.

With a little investment in the upholstery and the wrap, this customer had what felt like a brand new boat for a fraction of the cost - and he could still hold on to those memories of his dad bass fishing. They even added his dad’s boat name to the design. How special is that? I’m not’re crying!

Perhaps the best part of this process was the team’s hard work and dedication providing the customer with a superior product and an exceptional experience. Even though they had to move things around in the schedule, NWSP’s Inked Wraps Team made the effort to get this boat wrap done just in time for the season. This bass fisherman was elated at the process, and so was the team! Another great project in the books!

Now, while you may think it’s just a pile of carp, there was actually nothing fishy about this job. We dolphinately got schooled on bass fishing, though. Now we’re hooked! We had to mullet over, but salmon had to do it, so we’re o-fish-ally going to start bass fishing as a team. You may have been herring rumors about our new hobby. Well, now you know it’s true! Glad you could catch the fintastic news.

What? Should we scale back the fish puns? Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the oppor-tuna-ty to make you laugh...

Okay, we’re done now ;)

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