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April 2021 Local Business Spotlight

As you may know, we usually like to highlight a local business that we’ve worked with each month. These special projects always leave a lasting impression since we get to see our work around our community long after our interaction with the client ends. Our recent boat wrap for Hop Mountain Tap Room & Grill is no exception.

Hop Mountain Tap Room is a local restaurant and bar with 21 beers on tap - all from the Pacific Northwest. It’s a great spot with an equally great owner - Joe Condon. Joe is a long-time friend of Will Oakley, owner of NWSP and Inked Wraps. When it came time to wrap his boat, Joe knew just who to call.

“Will and NWSP are bad-a$$es!! They’re easy to work with, have a solid crew, and are very personable!”

  • Joe Condon

Owner, Hop Mountain Tap Room

Joe was in a predicament - he had a blue boat and a red truck. He originally wanted the boat to match the red truck. Once NWSP provided a design for the boat, Joe liked it so much that he used the same pattern on part of his truck and had that wrapped too!

Now, his boat is black on the front and red on the back, and his truck is red on the front and black on the back. The truck pulling the boat is a showstopper!

NWSP’s talented design team used a geometric camo pattern on Joe’s truck. He couldn’t be happier with the design, and the team couldn’t be happier to have another satisfied customer in the local community!

Do you have a boat or a truck you’d like to give a fresh look? Contact NWSP today or stop by the showroom at 10125 N Division Street in Spokane, Washington. Located right #behindzips!


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