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Paint Protection Film – More Than a Vehicle Wrap

Many drivers choose to wrap new and used vehicles to get a different look for their car or truck. They’ll seek a color change or special graphics. But Paint Protection Film is a product that can accomplish these same cosmetic goals while also protecting your vehicle for the long haul.

You can read about the many benefits of Paint Protection Film here. At Northwest Solar Protection, we use only the finest products applied by the best installers in town. Our veteran installers boast more than 50 years of combined experience installing PPF.

Start With the Best Product

NWSP’s business model always includes using the best products on the market. STEK and HEXIS Bodyfence are high-quality products that are guaranteed to protect your vehicle against external aggressors. These particular PPFs protect your paint against:

· Scratches

· Abrasions

· Stone chips

· UV Rays

Photo Credit ©STEK-USA

PPF is Self-Healing

Oftentimes people will wash their car and be surprised by some debris or a little pebble in their drying rag! This can cause undesirable minor scratches to the film. Not to worry! These won’t be permanent because this product is self-healing. This means the heat of the sun will heal the film in the summer. No sunshine? During dreary winter months, a hairdryer can do the same job!

Where on my vehicle should I get Protective Film?

Traditionally, drivers used to only wrap the front fenders of their vehicles, but we all know from experience that damage can occur in more places than the front! Coating the hood, fenders, mirrors, doors, and headlights can help protect the vehicle’s surface.

At Northwest Solar Protection, we have three popular packages for purchasing a PPF application on your vehicle.


Front 18 inches of hood + fender tips


18-24 inches of hood + fender tips + full front bumper and mirrors

BEST Entire hood + total front and rear fenders + full bumper + mirrors + edges of doors + door cups (the area near door handles where rings & keys tend to scratch the most)

Any of these packages would provide exceedingly thorough coverage and value to your vehicle’s protection. Once you choose the package that best suits your needs, you can have fun choosing color and style upgrades.

Have a little fun with the various PPF options. Go with a glossy protective film that mimics a professional paint job. Or choose a color different from your vehicle’s paint on the hood/bumper for a two-tone look. Perhaps your vehicle calls for a more stealthy look with a matte finish. You can even get creative with a pearlescent or textured finish! In the end, regardless of your choice, the protection offered is invaluable.

Northwest Solar Protection’s climate-controlled garage is home to the best installers and designers in town. We can’t wait to discuss your options with you and show you -in person- what we offer. We love what we do, and we know you’ll love what we can do for your vehicle.

Located on North Division behind Zips, we serve the greater Spokane-Coeur D’Alene area. Pay us a visit today!


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