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Does Clear Bra Really Work?!

A vehicle is one of the most important and expensive investments people make in their lifetimes. There’s nothing worse than driving that shiny, beautiful car off the lot, only to add a brand-new rock chip to your brand-new bumper. Rock chips on your car, particularly on the front end, look unsightly and are very detrimental to your vehicle's value.

So, what about “Clear Bra” protection film? Does it really work? The answer is, if installed correctly, it can make all the difference - both for cosmetic and resale reasons.

Protect Your Paint and More

Paint Protection Film (you may also have heard it called “Clear Bra”) is basically a thin layer of 6mm malleable plastic that is nearly invisible on the car. It’s designed to be the sacrificial layer that protects your vehicle’s paint job. Over time, if you own your car for long enough and acquire an excessive amount of rock chips, sap, or scratches, you can peel the PPF off without damage to any of the paint underneath. Then, you could even add a new layer of Paint Protection Film to keep the vehicle looking brand new for years to come.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is applied most often in a clear glossy or clear matte finish. This means your paint is still visible underneath, but now it’s protected.

Doing the Job Right

Paint Protection Film is an incredible solution to protect your investment, but not all installation jobs are created equal! There is definitely an artful precision required to do the job right. Northwest Solar Protection boasts a highly equipped team of installers with over 50 years of combined PPF installation experience. NWSP is the leader in PPF installation for the greater Spokane-Coeur D’Alene area.

The quality of the installation makes the biggest difference in how your vehicle looks afterward. When installing PPF, we’re doing everything we can to make it as invisible as possible. We tuck the edges wherever possible and use the highest quality film. It’s nearly invisible on white cars, and seams are meticulously applied to look invisible.

NWSP also has the best guarantee in town. Starting with a clean car makes all the difference. NWSP will detail-clean the outside of your vehicle in our climate-controlled shop before application.

Can Paint Protection Film also work on my 1957 classic car?

PPF is a solution for every vehicle, from basic coupes, sedans, SUVs, and trucks to multi-million-dollar sports cars or even semi-trucks! It’s there to protect you against everyday normal debris that can come in contact with your car. Think of it as an insurance policy for your vehicle. Normal rock and debris chips or scratches could require a new paint job, which could compromise the integrity of the color and the resale value. (Not to mention a costly bill from the body shop!) With Paint Protection Film, you can drive your car in any precarious weather without worry. Rain, snow, hail, gravel roads – nothing to fear anymore!

Wrap the Bumper, Hood, or Entire Vehicle

Most drivers choose to wrap the front and side bumpers, but there are many major impact areas of concern for everyday drivers. Nowadays, we’re seeing customers ask for full hood and roof wraps, or even the entire vehicle. Park under a tree without concern for sap spills. It’s also especially useful to apply Protection Film to the front headlights, which not only fall victim to rock chips but tend to oxidize over time and get a cloudy finish. The PPF protects against this.

Complete vehicle protection is superior for harsh weather and active drivers. Even entering a car show can be worry-free! No matter how many “Please do not touch” signs you bring, someone’s going to want to touch the car! Now, you can bring your classic car or expensive sports vehicle to an auto show without worry!

Wrapping the entire vehicle in the clear Paint Protection Film protects it against:

  • Simple Key Scratches

  • Rock Chips

  • Sap and Tar

  • Harsh Chemicals and Detergents

  • It also provides a Hydrophobic coating - keeping your car looking clean and waxed longer.

You can rest easy knowing that any damage is temporary, and your vehicle will maintain its value for decades longer than one without PPF.

Many companies offer vehicle “wraps,” but this PPF is a different product entirely. It is nearly twice as thick with a higher UV rating. That means it protects your paint color. It also has

Come See Us!

Want to learn more? Winter is the best time of year to think about wrapping your vehicle. One of our experienced installers would be happy to provide a complimentary consultation about the PPF options for your vehicle and your needs. Custom coverings are what we do best. Our climate-controlled local shop is ready to install your vehicle’s Paint Protection Film. We’re licensed, bonded, and garage insured, so your vehicle is safe with us while we work on it.

In many cases, you can drop your car off in the morning and pick it up on your way home! There’s never been a better time to visit us so we can show you our process. We’ll help you figure out what would work best for your used or new vehicle today!


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