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How to Protect Car Paint: 3 Tips That Actually Work

Remember how much you babied your car when you first bought it? That brand new factory paint job looked brilliant, and you'd do anything to avoid even the slightest scratch. But no matter how much care you took, it seemed like you just couldn’t maintain that new-car sheen and shine.

Except: maybe there is a way. So go ahead and get that new paint job, give your ride a new look, and get back into that frame of mind. Today, there are a lot of paint protection products that can extend the life of your restoration. Here are some tips on how to protect car paint and keep your car looking showroom-new.

1. Watch Where You Park

One of the simplest but most important ways to protect your car's paint job is to avoid obvious threats from your surroundings. Even seemingly innocuous things can lead to dents, scuffs, and discoloration.

One key: avoid parking under trees. Trees drop sap, fruit, pollen, nuts, leaves, seeds, and other stuff onto your car that contain acids or other chemical compounds that can mar your paint, or stick to your paint and change its composition, leaving discolored marks. At the very least, you’ll have to scrub your paint job to get the muck off, and that scrubbing and your own cleaners, no matter how gentle, can affect your finish.

Even a stray acorn or pine cone can cause a minor dent or scratch and don’t forget that squirrels and birds like trees, too. Bird droppings have been known to oxidize paint, so, in addition to trees, don’t park under power lines.

To avoid door dings and scratches, park away from other vehicles, even if it means walking another hundred feet to the store or your office. Not only is it a small sacrifice to make for your car, but it will get you in better shape!

Plain old weather will also take its toll. If you can, garage your vehicle. Sunlight can fade your paint with the same UV rays that discolor your drapes or tan your skin, and rain and snow will eventually beat your car up – not to mention scraping the snow off. If you can’t garage your vehicle, consider using a car cover or a temporary shelter. Even parking in the shade of a building will help preserve your color and finish.

The bottom line is, that one of the biggest threats to your car’s paint job is the simple behavior of deciding where to park. So even if you do nothing else, get in the habit of paying attention to where you park to see if it presents any problems.

2. Use Wax for Temporary Protection

Applying wax to your car is a tried-and-true method of keeping your paint impeccable. It's relatively easy, and it provides an extra layer of car paint protection. A thin layer of wax can protect your paint from the mars caused by sand or gravel on the road, reduce the effects of UV rays, and prevent minor scratches from penetrating the paint layers.

Unlike watching where you park, the downside of waxing is that you have to put some time and elbow grease into it. A high-quality wax might last six weeks under ideal conditions, so your best bet is to build time into your schedule every month to reapply the wax. Don’t have the time for that? You’re not alone. So we came up with a better option to protect your car’s paint: a car wrap.

3. Paint Protection Film for Long-Term preservation

Paint protection film is hands-down the best way to keep your car looking great for the long term. Using the best quality films, We can cover your car with a nearly-transparent layer that protects your paint from nicks, scratches, and the elements. The film has a clear gloss finish to let your color shine through. This high quality film not only protects your paint but can also fill micro scratches with the adhesive, which gives your ride a whole new look. What’s more, we don’t just protects cars, we can protect trailers, RV's boats–even your motorcycles !

A well-installed PPF can last up to a decade. And when you decide to remove or change your PPF, you’ll find that your paint job underneath has been kept in pristine condition.

PPF is the best way to protect your car from nature's harsh elements while simultaneously maintaining a smooth glossy finish. Contact us or if your in Spokane, Washington come on in to talk to a professional paint protection installer.


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