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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Your Car’s Paint Protection

There are many aspects of keeping your car in good repair. Most people are pretty diligent about checking the oil, brakes, tire wear, and so on, but you also shouldn't neglect your vehicle's exterior. Protecting your paint can help you not only to prevent rust eating away at your bodywork, but also prevent dings and scratches that can impact your vehicle’s value.

One way to enhance paint protection is by applying vinyl car wrap. It will not only protect your investment, but upgrade your vehicle’s look and may even provide a 24/7 mobile advertisement for your business.

First, It Prevents Superficial Damage to Your Vehicle

UV rays can cause your car's paint to discolor and fade, and debris, rocks, salt, and weather can damage the paint or its finish. The resulting small pock-marks and scratches eventually eat away down to the metal, allowing it to rust. And since rust actually breaks down metal, it can result in pits and holes that compromise your car's structural integrity and safety. To prevent this problem, get paint protection by contacting Inked Wraps & Signs and ordering a wrap.

Second, It Preserves the Value of Your Car

Even if your car runs like a dream, a beat-up exterior will reduce the market value of your vehicle, making it not just harder to resell, but lowering the value on a sale or trade-in. Inspect your car regularly, and have dents or scratches fixed immediately. Then apply a protective coating.

When you cover your car with vinyl, you can prevent environmental factors from marring your paint job. What’s more, you can remove vinyl later without damaging the underlying paint job. When you remove it, your vehicle will look like new.

Third, You Will No Longer Have to Polish Your Car

Unprotected vehicles require regular polishing to remain in good condition. Depending on your location, a high-quality wax might cost $150 or more. By using a protective wrap, you can eliminate the need for polishing, making your car easier and cheaper to maintain.

Fourth, It Contributes to the Stylish Look of Your Vehicle

A dented and scratched car can make you appear unprofessional or careless. To make a good impression on your customers, you want your car's exterior looking clean and sharp. When you purchase a wrap from us, you can select a dynamic design in vibrant, attractive colors, making your vehicle truly unique and a reflection of your style.

Our talented designers will collaborate with you to create vehicle graphics according to your tastes and preferences. We are happy to work on any type of vehicle, and our professional installation technicians will make sure the film fits seamlessly around the curves and features of any vehicle.

Fifth, It Gets Your Message Across

Every year, businesses around the country spend 5-20% of their revenue on ads. By designing an eye-catching graphic and placing it on your company car, you can attract the attention of new customers all over town with just a one-time expense. Over time, your brand will be easily recognized. Studies have shown that adding a wrap to your car and wearing custom apparel are two of the most cost-effective ways of advertising, and they have an incredibly high ROI.

Whether your vehicle is brand-new or in need of an upgrade, applying a wrap is a great way to protect the vehicle's exterior, upgrading the look of the car, and getting the word out about your business. Get in touch with us now at Inked Wraps & Signs to find out more about our services and to order your custom-made car wrap.

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