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Better Privacy for your Home with Window Tinting

Better Privacy for Your Home with Window Tinting

You may be a people person, but almost everyone feels the need for personal privacy at home. It can be hard to relax if you feel like outsiders can always see inside your house. Blinds are an option for many people, but they can be expensive, collect dust, and block your views.

Window tint is the perfect solution for providing privacy without preventing natural light from coming inside. If this sounds too good to be true, wait until you hear about all the other benefits available by using Northwest Solar Protection tinted windows.

How Does Window Tinting Improve Privacy?

The film used for tinting windows reflects most of the light that hits your window. This reflection makes it difficult for people outside your home to see inside, allowing your family to go through their everyday activities confidently.

Window tinting is a subtle way of increasing your privacy. Even if someone is close to your home, they will have difficulty seeing through your tinted windows during the daytime.

Theft Prevention

No one wants to think that the person walking down the street could be sizing up their home and deciding whether it's worth robbing, but it does happen. During this time, they will try to determine the schedules and habits of the occupants, the location of valuables, and any obstacles.

"Low risk" in the criminal world means an unprotected home where the occupants are predictable and where they know valuables are present. Window tinting makes your home less enticing. Without a clear view of the home's interior, thieves have to guess where valuables are and can't guarantee there isn't a person or animal inside the house, which would put them at risk. If you are trying to make your home less attractive to thieves, window tinting can help.

Which Tints Offer Increased Privacy?

Solar Control Tint

Our solar control film is strong enough to protect your body from UV rays and makes keeping your home's temperature regulation a breeze. It also lowers energy bills by limiting the electricity needed to cool your home. Of course, it has the added benefit of increasing the privacy of your home as well.

Decorative Film

We are proud to offer a variety of vinyl patterns that can be placed on your home's windows to obscure the view from the street. This film is an economical alternative to frosted glass and looks stunning in any window. If you have a specific design in mind that isn't part of our collection, we are happy to help you create a custom pattern.

When you enter your home, you should feel secure and at ease, not worried about who might be watching. So don't spend another day hiding behind your curtains; call Northwest Solar Protection so we can find the perfect privacy solution for you.


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