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NWSP Can Save Your Glass!

With over 40 years of experience in flat glass tinting, Northwest Solar Protection is the company to trust with your windows. Be it your home, your vehicle, or your business storefront, we’ll do the job with the finest tinting products and the most skillful application. We have the expertise and experience that you need.

Decorative, Heat Reduction, Safety, and Security films and tints are available in a wide variety of styles, shades, and grades to fit your safety and security needs, as well as the overall design of your home or business.

What is Flat Glass Tinting?

Flat glass tinting refers to the application of specialty tinting products to the flat glass surfaces of your home, vehicle, or business. What are some of the benefits of flat glass tinting? We think you’ll be impressed…

· Heat Reduction

This specialty tint product keeps the heat outside and allows your home’s cooling appliances to work as efficiently as possible, thereby saving money on your energy bills.

· Glare Reduction

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch tv with an annoying glare on the screen. Our residential and commercial tint products reduce glare that penetrates glass and inhibits the view on various devices. We offer an advanced film product that blocks 100% of the light in order to fully obscure undesirable views or block out light for theater rooms.

· Protect Your Assets from Fading

Think of your skin – you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Flat glass tinting on your home’s glass doors and windows protects your furniture fabrics, rugs, and even your skin from harmful UV rays. Flat glass tinting protects the natural pigments in upholstery from sun-fading by rejecting up to 99% of UV rays. Protect those investments!

· Reduce Your Energy Bills

Madico Tint blocks up to 80% of the sun’s heat, retaining heat in the winter and saving you money on energy costs in the hot summer months.

· Beauty & Décor!

Get creative choosing decorative films for your home or office. Frosted and etched designs can offer the privacy you need for a fraction of the price of costly alternatives, especially in office spaces. They can easily be removed and replaced as styles change.

· Security & Natural Disaster Protection

Did you know that a single square foot of glass can break into up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments? Should a window break as a result of vandalism or natural disaster, Optivision Reflective Tint can protect you and your loved ones from injury by glass fragments.

Also, when your glass is broken, your property becomes more vulnerable to looters and criminals. Optivision Tint holds the glass together for safety and security, saving you thousands in injury, loss, and clean-up fees. This protects your home or commercial storefront from looters and rioters. NWSP recently completed a project with this product at a local elementary school, and everyone in the community is grateful for a building that is safer than ever before.

The Quality of the Product Matters

As a home or business owner, you’re sure to trust the contractor or installer on any hired jobs. You should likewise be sure to trust the quality of the product being installed. With our Flat Glass Tinting, we use state-of-the-art technology to install the finest quality products on the market. Tinting Products by Madico are known as the clear choice for residential and commercial film.

Most window tints have extensive warranty coverage ranging from 10 years to 20 years to even lifetime guarantees on certain products! Northwest Solar Protection provides flat glass tinting all over the greater Spokane-Coeur D’Alene area. We do commercial and residential window tinting in Cheney, Medical Lake, Spangle, Deer Park, Colbert, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Otis Orchards, Greenacres, Newman Lake, Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Hayden, Coeur D’Alene, and more.

We commonly provide kitchen window tinting, glass slider door tinting, living room window tinting, theater room window tinting, storefront window tinting, interior office window tinting, and more! inquire today about a complimentary price quote for your home or office.


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