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How Effective Is Solar Window Film?

How Effective Is Solar Window Film?

If you are trying to save money in your home or in your office building, solar window film is a highly effective option. It can reduce the costs of both heating and cooling a building by blocking most UV rays and infrared light. So, how does it work and how much energy can you expect to save?

Studies cited by the United States Department of Energy and other sources reveal that the majority of energy that is lost from a building escapes through the windows. Solar film, also known as solar control tint, is a solution that originated in 1966 and has come a long way in the past few decades. The main benefits of installing solar film on your windows are:

  • Elimination of “hot spots” in the building

  • Reduction of heat loss

  • Greater comfort levels for employees or residents

  • Protection against glare and fading

What Is Solar Film Used for?

Energy Efficiency

The EPA's Energy Star U.S. Building Manual reports that approximately 1/3 of a building's utility bill can be attributed to the energy that gets lost through the windows. Solar control tint blocks the regions of the light spectrum that are responsible for inconsistent temperatures, specifically ultraviolet rays and infrared light. The science of solar control tint has advanced significantly, and you can now expect your tint to provide a UV reduction of over 99% and an infrared reduction of approximately 97%.

Solar Control Tint for Residential Buildings

Installing solar control tint in a residential setting can significantly reduce your family's carbon footprint and cut your energy bill. Modern solar control tint appears clear, providing energy savings without changing the look of your windows. It differentiates between harmful rays and the rest of the natural light spectrum, allowing your family to enjoy the benefits of sunlight without compromising your energy efficiency or allowing cancer-causing UV rays into your home.

Solar Control Tint for Commercial Buildings

Using solar control tint in commercial buildings can optimize your bottom line by reducing utility costs while creating a more professional environment. Harmful rays can fade furnishings and cause an uncomfortable glare for your employees and clients. Solar control tint is an excellent way to reduce fading, glare, and energy costs. You can have it installed in your lobbies, conference rooms, retail spaces, or anywhere else you do business.

Solar Control Tint vs. Decorative Vinyl Film

If the needs of your home or office are related to security or aesthetics, decorative vinyl film is another highly effective treatment that you can consider. From creating a frosted effect to introducing contemporary patterns, vinyl film is a versatile way to enhance your privacy and define the spaces within your building.

Optimize Your Space With Window Tinting

With modern advances in energy efficiency, there is no reason for you to be spending 1/3 of your utility bill on energy that is lost through the windows. Our solar control tint can optimize your temperature control without the need to keep the shades drawn all day. To learn more about our services, contact Northwest Solar Protection today.


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