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How Dark Should You Tint Your Windows?

Getting tint for windows on your car is a great way to preserve your car's interior and make your daily commute more comfortable. But did you know that there are also many good reasons to get residential and commercial windows tinted?

Whether you’re thinking of window tinting for your car, home, or business, NSWP can help. Yet, one big question remains: how dark should you tint your windows?

Consider the Application

Window tinting works by applying a thin layer of film to the window. These films are sold by their level of transparency, so a 70% tint allows 70% of light to pass through. How much tint you should use will depend on the application. Consider a few different use cases to help you decide how much to tint your windows:

Residential Use

Few people think to tint their home's windows, but it's actually a brilliant move to help you save money in summer. Blocking sunlight keeps your house cooler, meaning you spend less on AC. The tint film also helps to make your windows more secure. Windows are harder to shatter and break into when tint is applied.

Windows look darker from the outside than they do from the inside, and many homeowners prefer a gentle tint so as not to completely disrupt the look of the house from the outside. A lower tint number like 30% might be best for west or east-facing windows that get a lot of suns.

Commercial Use

Businesses can tint their windows too! If your storefront has a lot of glass, tinting your windows can make your lobby more comfortable for visitors, especially if your front gets lots of sunlight. You can also increase privacy by tinting windows. Banks do this all the time. A strong tint at or below 30% is ideal when privacy matters to your customers.

Adding a security film to your windows can further enhance the security of your business by adding a layer of strength to the glass, making it more difficult to break. This can help protect against vandalism or break-ins.

You can also get custom film that gives your windows an etched look. Put your company logo in your tint film and add that extra touch of detail to your storefront.

Tint for Car Windows

Tinting your car windows makes your car look sleeker from the outside, but it also has benefits for your interior. Blocking UV light helps to keep your interior in its original condition. The sun bleaches fabric and leather over time.

We can tint your windshield at either 5%, 20%, 30%, 50%, or 70% for automotive tint. Rear windows can be completely blacked out. Many drivers opt for a 5 or 10% tint in the back to give passengers more privacy and reduce the risk of someone breaking into your car to steal something in the backseat.

High-Quality Tint for Windows

At NWSP, we only use the highest quality films to tint windows. We can also cut custom shapes if you have unique requirements. Your tint will be done perfectly the first time, and it'll last for decades.

Call NWSP or visit our website to get a quote for tinting your home or vehicle windows.


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