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Do You Tint House Windows From the Inside or Outside?

If you're considering having a residential window tint added to your home, it's normal to have questions about the installation process. One of the most common questions regarding installation is whether the film is installed on the interior or exterior of the glass. Here's what you can expect when NWSP, your trusted Spokane tinting service, applies your window film.

Window tint can be applied to both the interior and exterior of windows and which method is best will depend on the window being tinted and the type of tint used. Residential windows are usually tinted from the inside, although your technician may recommend deviating from standard practice in certain circumstances.

Whether your window film is applied to the inside or outside of your window, it will still offer you increased privacy and protection from the sun's heat and dangerous UV rays. It will also enable your home's heating and cooling system to maintain your desired temperature with less effort, resulting in a lower energy bill.

Benefits of Interior Residential Window Tint

There are multiple reasons why residential window film is applied from the inside. When your window tint is installed on your glass's interior, you can be assured that:

Your Tint Is Protected: While the tint installed by our technicians is heavy-duty and capable of withstanding everyday exposure to the elements, affixing your film to the inside of your windows provides extra protection to your investment. Inclement weather that sends tree branches and other yard debris flying at your windows at high speeds can mark your window film. When tint is placed on the inside, the risk of storm damage is eliminated since your tint can only be damaged if the window breaks.

Your Installation Will Be Streamlined: Installing tint in the average residence is much quicker when the film is applied from inside your home. Before the tinting film can be affixed to your home's windows, our technician will thoroughly clean each window being tinted.

This process can be time-consuming when installing tints on the outside of windows and requires the technicians to use ladders to reach second-story windows. Setting up and taking down a ladder to clean the exterior of each elevated window adds time to your installation. Alternatively, when the technician installs tint from inside your home, they can clean and apply the film without a ladder in most situations, since they can access second-floor windows easily.

Your Installation Can Take Place Regardless of the Weather: When you're in a hurry to install your window film, finding out your appointment has to be rescheduled due to inclement weather is extremely frustrating. You can have your tint installed rain or shine when it's being put on from inside your home. This benefit allows you to schedule your installation when it works best during your busy week.

Your Trusted Spokane Tinting Service

At NWSP, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a low-stress window tinting experience. Whether you're looking for a way to lower your energy bill or increase your home's privacy, our window films offer an attractive fix. With our experienced technicians handling your window tint installation, you can relax and know your home's windows are in capable hands.

For over fourteen years, we've been providing high-quality window tinting to our clients. To learn how window tinting can make your home more comfortable, contact Northwest Solar Protection. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free quote on your project.


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