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Decorative Film for Design, Privacy, Affordability

Use It Anywhere - Decorative Film in Design

Decorative Film is not what it used to be. For years, all we knew of decorative film was the ever-popular frosted window, but this 2ml thick specialty material has come a long way.

Decorative Film is so versatile because there is an application for almost any goal. Whether you require privacy, seek style, or simply need to visually break up spaces, decorative film can solve your design dilemma.

Offices & Conference Rooms

Offices are probably the most common application location of decorative film. A strip down the center of the glass allows outsiders to identify people in the room, but not see exactly what they’re doing or saying. This provides style and privacy.

Today’s decorative film boasts a variety of textures and patterns. Now we can simulate other materials like stained glass or mirrors. SImilarly, unique patterns allow for a more creative way to express the style of your company.

A Local Example

SDS Real Estate in Spokane, Washington reached out to NWSP for a decorative film install. In an effort to personalize their office, our talented design team created a skyline of the city of Spokane and applied it onto the windows of their commercial space. It was a great way to highlight the local area in which they work and serve our community.

We Work Nationwide

From Maryland to Tennessee to Oregon anywhere you need us - NWSP can create a design for your residential or commercial space from afar. In California, for instance, an insurance company sought our services to spruce up their office space. Toggle is a mobile app, and is a division of Farmers Insurance. They run a hip workplace, and they wanted to make it known! We used originally created doodle art from their own employees to create a huge wall mural of decorative film.

The film was applied across a glass wall and continued on to wrap a solid interior wall in the office. The end result was unique and breathtaking!

Not Just For the Office!

We’re seeing decorative film being used in residential applications more and more these days. Shower doors are frosted for a less transparent look - this time with texture and pattern. Bathroom privacy windows or living room sliders are also great candidates for decorative film coverage, heat, and UV blocking.

The possibilities truly are endless. For more information, call up one of our designers for a complimentary consultation. Or visit our showroom at 10125 N Division Street in Spokane. We’re located right #behindzips.


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