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4 Tips For Creating the Ideal Commercial Car Wrap

If you're looking to create a car wrap to publicize your business, you want only the highest quality car wraps when it comes to both material and graphics. Let us explain how you can develop an unforgettable commercial car wrap.

First: Choose Bold Colors

The very purpose of a car wrap is to personalize your ride. Most auto-makers offer only a limited palette of colors–most of them pretty bland or neutral. If you take a good look around, you’ll find that white, gray, and black dominate the roads. Even cars that come in red, blue, or green are typically produced in subdued hues that don’t stand out.

With a car wrap, your imagination is the only limitation to the colorful, dynamic image you present to the world. An estimated one-third of car buyers largely base their purchase on color: so why settle for bland? If color matters, then personalizing your car in a way that makes it stand out from all the rest is worth your attention.

Second: Customize Your Wrap to Fit Your Needs–and Budget

Car wraps are made from vinyl, but which type should you use? If you are putting a wrap on your car for short-term advertising purposes, calendared vinyl is probably the way to go. This type of vinyl won't put as much of a dent in your wallet, and it lasts for about one year. This may be ideal for ad campaigns with a limited shelf-life. You can easily remove the wrap when the campaign is over.

But if you're on the hunt for a bigger and longer-term investment, cast vinyl may be your ideal choice. This type of car wrap lasts as long as five to ten years, depending upon how you maintain it, and it will give your vehicle a more paint-like finish.

In addition to the vinyl considerations, you can also choose the type of finish you want applied to the wrap. You can choose from among matte and satin, which are more subtle, to chrome, and metallic, which stand out more, although they are a little pricier.

Third: Use Eye-Catching Graphics

Imagery has always played a powerful role in advertising, and the right image can fix your brand in the mind of the public. Catchy slogans, symbols, and logos make your business memorable and iconic. A well-crafted car wrap transforms your ride into a mobile billboard and a powerful brand ambassador. But unlike a billboard or most traditional advertising, your one-time investment may pay dividends for months or even years.

Image decals in particular can become an incredibly strong tool for building your business brand or your personal brand. Choose cartoons, colorful slogans, appealing pictures, or anything that speaks to what you or your business represent. Then, let the experts work their magic.

Fourth: Hire an Expert Car Wrap Installer

Designing and Installing a car wrap can be a complex process that takes several days. If you get it wrong, you can be stuck with an unwanted bill and an inferior finished product. Professional installers will ensure your car is fully prepped. They will clean and banish surface particles that can impact the durability of the finish. They will also remove car parts that need to be temporarily displaced while the wrapping process is underway.

Most importantly, pros can navigate you through some of the more complex aspects of wrapping, such as layering, choosing the right type of vinyl, and determining whether your auto is a good fit for the wrapping process.

For legendary service and unbelievable quality, visit Inked Wraps & Signs , NWSP Spokane's sister company, and connect with a dedicated team of installers, graphic designers, and accessory pros prepared for all your wrapping, tinting, and paint protection needs.


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