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Spokane Hosts the Worlds Largest Powerlifting Competition.

Spokane Sports Commission is dedicated to the long-term growth of sports in our region. They actively recruit, retain and facilitate sports events in Spokane. “Sports don’t just entertain. They improve communities. They drive economies. And no other organization brings sports events to the Inland Northwest like the Spokane Sports Commission,” their website says. “With these events come tourism dollars, entertainment and media attention attracting sports fans from around the world. Business wins. Kids win. Fans win, our region wins.”

“They are local, Spokane-based, and funded by hotels in the area. The revenue from hotels goes to them to bring sporting events to Spokane that brings out-of-area dollars into the area to strengthen the local economy,” NWSP owner Will Oakley explained. One of their goals is to get the funding needed for a new sports complex, which will enable them to bring even more events to Spokane.

NWSP was proud to help with their mission in providing event signs for the 2018 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals. The 11th annual powerlifting event spotlighted the top raw powerlifters in the country, battling for the opportunity to be selected for international teams and events. Guinness Book of World Records was there to document the event as the Largest Powerlifting Meet in History. We handled all the event signage, from large welcome banners to grasshopper banner stands, to directional signs and promotional static clings.

“When the athletes get to town, they’re greeted with a big ‘Welcome to Spokane’ banner. There are weigh-in signs. And for the spectators, signs directing them to events and prices for entry,” Will said. Good signs will help the event flow smoothly from start to finish, and help Spokane Sports Commission continue putting on great sporting events in Spokane!

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