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Truck Bed Covers

NWSP offers top of the line truck accessories, just one of which is bed covers. There are some really cool options in bed covers available, and they all offer a streamlined look and added security. Deciding which cover is right for you depends on the level of security and convenience you’re looking for.

“We have a soft vinyl cover that doesn’t support weight, but it will protect your cargo, keep things dry and add some security. We also carry the trifold aluminum style bed cover that collapses flat against the cab. It supports weight, and it offers better security because you can’t cut through it. The cover is a little heavier and takes up a little more room on the bed. There’s even a Retrax bed cover that comes with a remote,” NWSP owner Will Oakley said.

We carry Truxedo truck bed covers and Retrax bed covers, both of which offer several options in style and durability:

Truxedo covers come in a variety of materials, from fabric to vinyl- and woven fabric-bonded aluminum slats. Low-profile design and heavy-duty construction looks great and keeps your cargo protected from the elements.

Retrax bed covers offer UV protection, scratch and impact resistance, and support loads of 200-500 pounds, depending on the

material. Retrax bed covers come in glossy or matte, aluminum reinforced polycarbonate or aluminum slat construction. They are built tough, American-made, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Here are some other notable features of Retrax retractable bed covers:

  • The patented low-profile design is always flush, creating a streamlined appearance.

  • The cover provides a firm, dependable seal to keep the elements out.

  • Optional stake pocket cut out rails allow for 100% access to the OEM stake pocket holes to mount ladder racks, tie downs, and a variety of other accessories.

  • The integrated Trax Rail System works well with most T-slot rack accessories

When it comes to bed covers, we carry the best products in the industry. We can help you choose the style and options that work best for you. Contact us for more information or a free quote!

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