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WeatherTech Floor Liners Provide Incredible Protection

At NWSP Spokane, we offer a long list of truck accessories, including toppers and bedliners, hitches, running boards, lift kits, and more. One cool product customers might overlook, though, are WeatherTech floor liners.

We use WeatherTech Floor Liners, which provide incredible protection for your vehicle’s interior.

Interior floors take the biggest hit from the inevitable dirt, sludge, and spills. Our floor liners are specially designed to fit your space perfectly, no matter what vehicle you have. They’re laser measured to protect the front, back and even up the sides of your vehicle’s footwell. This gives the carpeted floor full coverage protection. There’s even special surfacing that carries messes away from shoes and clothing and traps it in a separate well so it doesn’t just keep sloshing around.

Protecting your vehicle is one of the most important aspects of aftermarket additions. Floor liners may seem simple, but they offer practical protection from everyday wear and tear, not to mention those bigger accidents that seem to happen when we’re least prepared.

NWSP offers the best accessories on the market, and WeatherTech's custom laser cut floor liners are no different.

WeatherTech calls it “the most advanced floor protection available today.” We agree that these floor liners go the extra mile to accurately and completely cover the interior carpet. The laser measurements of interior surfaces allows for perfect coverage over humps and bumps as well. The high density core gives strength and durability, while advanced surfacing creates channels that carry liquids away to a lower reservoir. Not only will this product work great at protecting your vehicle and last a long time, it will help maintain your resale value as well.

Outfit your vehicle with the protection it needs. Ask us about our custom fit floor liners and other car and truck accessories! We can get most accessories same or next day. Call today to get a quote (509) 210-2229.

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