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High End Business Cards

Victory Media posted a video about some of their newest marketing tools, including the business cards: “They are amazing; they feel like a pillow” Victory Media Founder Dayne Kuhlmann says. “They’re phenomenal, they’ve got the UV print, the [rounded] corner, the [watermark] on there. We are stoked, thank you very much for that awesome rush custom print job, Northwest Solar Protection, Sammie you are amazing, so thank you.”

Satin Velvet lamination gives the cards a soft, smooth look and feel. It also adds durability, making the cards water and tear resistant and hard to scratch or scuff. Rounded corners continue the smooth, seamless look. Spot UV printing in Victory Media’s signature coffee stain finishes off the sleek 16pt, double sided cards.

High end business cards make a lasting positive impression. They show you are successful-- and for a media group like Victory--it shows they understand what catches people’s attention and what makes a company stand out. With these business cards, they show off their style and finesse when it comes to marketing. Your business deserves the best too. Impress customers, clients and partners with custom high end business cards.

Quality design, coupled with quality materials will get you the look you want. Our experienced designers are certifiable artists turning your vision into a work of art. At NWSP, we believe that our services far exceed our competitors, and we want you to have the best marketing around at a price that fits your budget. Ask us about custom high end business cards and let us help you get the look you deserve!

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