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You see them all over the roads and in your community. Vehicle wraps are the best outdoor marketing because of their virtually unlimited advertising and exposure. But providing cost effective advertising is just the beginning.

What Image are You Projecting?

Vehicle wraps project a certain image to the community. That image is that you are successful, well-funded, professional, proactive, and up to speed with the latest trends and technology. Believe it or not, a well-done vehicle wrap builds trust with your customers from the very first impression.

That same impression is carried all over town. If you have a fleet, you can multiply your positive impressions. If you own a work vehicle or fleet, it makes sense to use that space to promote your business. Adding bold graphics to your vehicle(s):

  • Builds confidence in your product

  • Solidifies your brand message

  • Informs people about your business

  • Is memorable

  • Reflects positively on you

  • Advertises for 5-7 years!

Unlimited Graphics Possibilities

A custom wrap means unlimited graphics possibilities. Our in-house designers can help you achieve your vision while creating a visually striking vehicle wrap. “I always say you’ll get your money’s worth,” owner and designer Will Oakley explains about the design process. “I sit down with them and find out what the goal is. Is it getting to the website? Is it brand recognition? What’s more prominent in the design will be dictated by what you’re trying to do.” No matter what the overall goal is, we come up with a stunning custom vehicle wrap design that will get your brand noticed.

Best Wrap Films

We use only the highest quality wrap films in the industry. For most custom vehicle wraps, we use Arlon SLX. This is a high performance cast wrap film. The ability to reposition the vinyl allows for quicker and more accurate installs. This particular wrap vinyl also has great conformability that will adhere to curves, rivets and even deep channels without compromising the graphics or the material.

With over 30 years combined install experience, we have the best installers in Spokane and we stand by our work 100%. NWSP is located in North Spokane and serves areas throughout Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Contact us today for more information on custom vehicle wraps!

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