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Why tint your home or business windows?

When it comes to residential and commercial window tint, temperature control and utility savings often top the list of reasons to invest. SolarGard Window Tint is virtually undetectable, provides exceptional solar control and maintains ambient light. But did you know it also offers certain safety features, such as specially designed shock absorption and even a bomb-proof option?

Types of Window Film

There are several options available in window tint. For example, mirrored film gives privacy at residential properties while blocking UV rays. On the other hand, for those with a million dollar view, ceramic clear film drops the heat without losing the view. And even though ceramic tint is clear, it will still protect furniture, flooring and other valuables from damaging UV rays.

Window tint provides privacy at commercial properties as well. Preventing others outside the building from looking in can deter against break-ins. In addition, safety film is specifically designed to hold glass in place and prevent or significantly slow intruders from gaining access. One option commercial properties appreciate is the ability to make the window tint bomb-proof by applying special caulk to seal the tint to the window frame. No matter what, the addition of window tint will add an extra barrier of protection and slow, if not stop, intruders.

Residential Window Tint, Home Window Tint, Commercial Window Tinting

Residential and Commercial Window Tint:

  • Saves up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs

  • Protects floors, furniture and valuables from damaging UV rays

  • Provides a more comfortable living and working environment with temperature consistency

  • Reduces glare from sunlight

  • Deters theft and adds extra barrier of protection

  • Prevents glass from shattering if broken

NWSP is an authorized Panorama dealer for SolarGard window film. We offer the best quality high performance window tint available. We’re located in North Spokane and serve areas throughout Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Contact us for more information on commercial or residential window tint.

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