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Outstanding Business Cards need Custom Details

Designing business cards may seem simple. With just a few inches to work with, it should be pretty quick and painless right? You may find, however, that it takes a lot of time and thought to come up with a way to get your message across, and more importantly, stand out in such a small amount of space.

You can have a card that stands out by utilizing

unique color accents or unusual texture. One outstanding business card we recently did was on a thick 32pt paper with metallic colored edges. These fun accents create the kind of memorable card that people want to hold on to.

“We can come up with something cool and unique. You want your business card to be memorable so they take a closer look at it and hang on to it, so it won’t get thrown away with other generic cards,” owner Will Oakley explained.

If unique is what you’re after, the custom options abound:

  • Shape is one way to stand out. A custom laser cut card goes way beyond the square or rounded corner option.

  • Thickness and texture play on the tactile effect of a business card and feel special in someone’s hand.

  • Color infusions, like a colored edge, or metallic accents are another way to make your card stand out.

We can do a run of as few as 250 business cards, up to 10,000. As always, there are basic rules to keep in mind when designing your business cards. We follow these best practices to make sure your cards are not only beautiful, but also functional:

  • Make sure you have the essentials – name, company name, and contact information

  • Use your logo as a central element for strong branding

  • Choose an easy to read font

  • Use colors that follow your branding

What you gain from us is personalized design, unique details, and even logo design help, if needed. We sit down with each customer to gauge their vision and goals. Then we create. Our professional design experience of over 30+ years will give your business a leg up in creative and effective business cards. Contact us to get started!

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