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Logo Design

Whether you are a new business just starting out, or an established one wanting to generate more interest, a new or refreshed logo design can do wonders for your branding and marketing.

A logo is often what gives the first impression, so you want your logo to be amazing. Does it catch the eye, or does it fade into the sea of hundreds of other logos out there? A good logo creates a positive impression, is memorable, and influences purchase decisions.

Logo Design Tips

  • Communicate an idea. This is an introduction to your brand. The logo should be designed to reach a specific audience, so keep this in mind when brainstorming.

  • Choose color wisely. Every color has an effect on viewers. Bold colors are eye-catching, while muted tones are sophisticated. Consider the pros and cons of each before choosing your logo colors.

  • Keep it simple. You want your logo to be recognizable at a glance.

  • Be original and creative. Avoid clichés and try to stand out from your competitors.

Some of these tips might help you build your vision for the perfect logo design. If your vision needs a little help, don’t fret! Our in-house design team are experts at narrowing in on custom eye-catching logo designs that are just right for your business.

A Little About Our Designers

Will and Sammie have almost 20 years of combined experience and have been working together for several years. They design differently, and their individual styles provide diversity. Sammie is good at more “girly” designs while Will is self-described as “more grungy.”

“We do design well; we put it together fast and customers are happy with our work,” Will said. We have the ability to hand draw logos, then create them digitally so it’s completely unique. We provide all the files you will need, including full color and single color versions.

A logo is essential in establishing brand identity. You want a logo that is unique, memorable, and communicates the right ideas. Once you have a logo, we can apply it to all the different aspects of your marketing, from vehicle wraps to business cards. Contact us for more information on logo design and custom branding!

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