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Window Decals or Perforated Window Film? Which is Best for Your Business.

One of the best forms of advertisement that will never lose its touch is window cling vinyl. This classy option can bring life and color to your storefront while advertising your business in a clean and professional way. Window decals and perforated window film are some of the best places to stick your marketing budget because they attract current and prospective customers to your business.

Storefront windows can be seen from people walking or driving past your doors. If your business happens to be on a busy street, it is even more of a reason to invest in professional grade vinyl for your windows. Both window decals and perforated window film are great options for a multitude of budgets and needs.

Window Decals

Advertising is made simple with window decals! Window decals are stickers with a design on it, to put it simply. They can be used in place of traditional signage, or be used for temporary advertising. At NWSP Spokane, our marketing and design team can work with your pre-made design or help you create the perfect graphics for your business in-house.

Pros of Window Decals
  • Decals can create splash of color and draw the customer's eye to your business.

  • Window decals can be temporary for events or specials.

  • Low cost and easily applied and removed.

Con of window decals
  • Opaque vinyl blocks natural light and the view.

Perforated Vinyl Window Film

Perforated window decals are advertising options that allow one-way visibility from either the inside or the outside of the window. Typically, these are applied so that they provide privacy for the business on the inside, while advertising to customers on the outside. Perforated window decals are the top choice for businesses looking to make an impression on possible customers.

They can also be customized and designed to fit the specific storefront windows. They are the perfect choice of advertising for a front facing business looking to attract new customers.

Pros of perforated window film
  • Customers and potential customers can see the advertisement for the business but not see into the store.

  • They are eye-catching and can be seen from great distances.

  • They allow some natural light into the building.

Con of perforated window film
  • Perforated window film can be more expensive than simple window decals.

When it comes down to it, both window decals and perforated window vinyl are excellent advertising options for your business! It comes down to customer preference and budget.

NWSP Spokane Offers Both Options and More!

Window graphics are one of one of NWSP Spokane's specialties, along with vehicle wraps, and other marketing materials. Work with their professionals to create a look your business will flourish with for years to come. They can do anything from clear, permanent vinyl to clear static clings for a single event.

Do you have a yearly sales event? Static clings are the perfect way to advertise specials, discounts, and annual sales! The team at NWSP Spokane has everything you need to ensure your marketing needs are met. They even offer the unique capabilities of printing white ink, which allows businesses to use clear vinyl.

Bring your ideas into NWSP Spokane today and talk to the graphic designer today! Change the way your business looks and bring bold professionalism to your storefront windows. The staff at NWSP Spokane bring a full suite of advertising options to customers, including window decals, vehicle wraps, logo designs, marketing campaigns, business cards, and more! Call (509) 210-2229 or visit our store for a consultation on your marketing plan and budget.

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